Biden Official Walks Out of Briefing

On Thursday, the White House refused to answer questions surrounding a 2017 text message sent by Hunter Biden to a Chinese business associate. The text message was sent from Joe Biden‘s Delaware home and was related to a business dispute.

John Kirby, Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council in the White House, was asked for comment by White House Correspondent James Rosen of Newsmax. Kirby refused to answer beyond a simple no and then walked out.

Rosens colleagues continued to press the point, repeatedly trying to get White House Press Secretary Karine JeanPierre to answer their questions. All she could do was refer them to the White House Counsels office.

Ian Sams, a spokesman for the counsels office, said Joe Biden was not in business with his son, but could not provide further detail about Joe Bidens whereabouts when the text was sent.

When asked if Joe Biden had been involved in coercive business dealings with his son, JeanPierre was again left to refer questions to the White House Counsels office, insisting the matter had been addressed.

The response shows that the White House is attempting to avoid saying anything to generate news, and also say nothing that could be used against them in a potential campaign ad.

The purpose of Hunter Biden‘s text message in 2017 is unclear, although it has been reported that he was attempting to resolve a business dispute. Several investigators have looked into the matter but no charges have been brought.

Although the White House has not directly addressed the matter, it is clear that they are attempting to avoid further scrutiny. It is difficult to believe that Joe Biden was not aware of this text message or any of the business dealings Hunter was involved in, and now the White House must face the consequences for not providing clear answers.


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