Bill Barr Issues Warning About Evidence Against Trump

This past weekend, Former Trump Attorney General William Barr stated that he thinks that federal prosecutors most likely have “very good evidence” that obstruction of justice was committed by the former president in the criminal investigation into how he dealt with highly classified materials.

Barr made the comments as part of an interview hosted on ABC News’ “This Week” on Easter Sunday while talking about the four concurrent criminal investigations targeting former President Donald Trump.

Barr stated that he thinks that the case coming out of Manhattan, where Trump was just brought up on a staggering 34 felony counts, was extremely weak and it was an extremely “clear example” of weaponizing the justice system to push a political agenda.

Barr stated that he thinks that Democrats are attempting to make use of these investigations to “get into the middle of the Republican primary process and turn it into a circus.”

“And I think, ultimately, the savvy Democratic strategists know this is going to help Trump, and they want him to be the nominee because he is the weakest of the Republican candidates, the most likely to lose again to Biden,” cautioned Barr.

Barr claimed that Trump should be “most concerned about the document case in Mar-a-Lago because” he thinks that federal prosecutors have copious evidence that Trump did commit obstruction of justice when federal investigators attempted to gather U.S. government records and classified materials from the former president.

The raid which targeted Mar-a-Lago was “taken after a long period, about a year-and-a-half of trying to get the documents from him, which he had no claim to,” claimed Barr. “He had no claim to those documents, especially the classified documents. They belonged to the government. And so, I think he was jerking the government around. And they subpoenaed it. And they tried to jawbone him into delivering documents.”

“But the government is investigating the extent to which games were played and there was obstruction in keeping documents from them,” he went on. “And I think that’s a serious potential case. I think they probably have some very good evidence there.”

Barr claimed that there is “a very good chance” that Trump could end up being criminally indicted in the case.



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