CNN CEO Called Out By Megyn Kelly Over Recent Don Lemon Issue

CNN CEO Chris Licht found himself the target of Podcast host Megyn Kelly for some fairly hefty criticism for his choice to not act more harshly in the wake of CNN host Don Lemon’s odd comments about women being “past their prime.”

Lemon cause an insane level of outrage from both the right and left side of the political aisle after making claims that 51-year-old former Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) was not actually “in her prime.” Haley, after speaking out in what seems to be a jab as Sleepy Uncle Joe, previously stated that most American politicians were well past being “in their prime” and offered the suggestion that a requirement for cognitive testing be implemented for any political candidate that is over 75 years old.

“This whole talk about age makes me uncomfortable. I think it’s the wrong road to go down. She says people, you know, politicians are suddenly not in their prime. Nikki Haley isn’t in her prime. Sorry, when a woman is in their prime in her 20s and 30s and maybe 40s,” stated Lemon in response.

As part of a recent episode, Kelly spoke about a report which stated that Lemon would only face “recourse” from Licht “if the same stupid things become a trend.” Currently expected to come back to CNN late Wednesday, Lemon was forced to undergo sensitivity training.

“I tweeted out, ‘If?’ I realize he only took over about a year ago but there’s a history here. Hello? Hello?” stated Kelly prior to making a reference to the movie “Back to the Future,” chiming in, “Macfly?”

“Here’s how I see this latest decision by Chris Licht. Here’s a question I have for him. Do women matter? Do we matter? Because it shouldn’t have to be that you were raped by a man or 21 women come forward alleging that they were sexually harassed by a man or they were inappropriately touched by a man for their offense to matter. Because we have seen person after person get fired because they caused offense, mere offense, when it comes to race, when it comes to sexual orientation, when it comes to gender identity,” she stated.

“Does women’s offense matter?” she stated. “Does it matter? Because this guy managed to piss off half the country. And it’s not Left or Right, it’s male or female, and by the way, a lot of the men are with us. You don’t have to be a #MeToo supporter to be irritated and offended by what Don Lemon said. This one’s not breaking down along partisan lines”

“Does our offense matter to CNN or does someone have to grab a boob for us to count, Chris Licht?” she stated. “That’s my question to you.”

Then she made reference to Lemon’s “formal training” after the incident “Because Don Lemon’s ‘reeducation camp’ is a farce. It’s a lie and we know it. No one’s fooled by your stupid fig leaf,” she said.


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