College Issues New Woke List Of No-No Words

Another college has chosen the kneel to the seemingly endless demands of overly woke censors that insist on ridding common conversational speech of words they think could be offensive.

The version of Michigan State University’s style guide for this year now includes a section of supplemental “inclusive” style guide for staffers in the communications department which includes a laundry list of terms they are not allowed to use. The list includes such heinous words as “female” and “America” as well as terms that make reference to Christian holidays, such as “Christmas trees,” “bells,” and “bunnies.”

This guide lists words to refrain from using under four categories: “Gender and Sexuality,” “Global Identity,” “Race and Ethnicity,” and “Disability,” but MSU went on to also state that the “inclusive” guide “is not comprehensive in scope.”

“In alignment with strategic efforts that advance diversity, equity and inclusion, the supplemental Inclusive Guide is a resource that provides best practices for communications on an increasingly diverse global campus,” explained the university.

Under the header of “Gender and Sexuality,” MSU calls for making use of terms that stand in support of radical gender theories. In an effort to stop “assuming” someone’s biological sex, MSU offers up recommendations to avoid the word “female” because it “reduces women to their assumed biological anatomy.” MSU made absolutely zero mention of avoiding the use of the words counterpart, “male.” “Nickname” can also be considered highly offensive because it “implies that a person’s name is a substitute for their legal name,” claimed MSU.

An older version of this style guide sought to warn the communications staff against using “majority religious imagery and language”, especially during the spring and winter seasons. The problematic words, according to the university include: “merry,” “Christmas trees,” “wreaths,” “holly,” “bells,” “gifts,” “reindeer,” “bunnies,” “eggs” and “chicks.” Instead, MSU is apparently pushing staffers to use phrases such as “wishing you a wonderful winter/spring break” or “best wishes for the new year.”

“MSU’s inclusive communication guide is a resource for communications professionals and leaders to strengthen the sense of belonging among our diverse university community,” explained MSU Deputy Spokesperson Dan Olsen. “Recently, some have expressed concern about the perception that the university is banning the use of specific terms. We want to be clear: that is inaccurate. That said, we recognized it was important that we update the guide to ensure our intent matches the guidance provided in the document.”


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