De Blasio’s Final Humiliation, Spitting Wife Gives A Heck Of An Interview

Former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and his nowseparated wife Chirlane McCray have given a rare insight into their failing marriage in a toecurling interview with The New York Times.

The couple, who had been married since 1994, said they had reachedthe decision to start a new chapter in their lives. As they posed for a Good Morning America interview outside their Park Slope townhouse in Brooklyn, McCray said the split wasthe right decision and that she stillvery much loves her former partner.

The split has caused quite a stir considering the pair were once a highprofile biracial couple in American politics, with their relationship playing a large role in de Blasio‘s progressive 2014 election campaign for the mayorship. The former mayor acknowledged that his doomed 2020 presidential campaign was a setback to their relationship, with McCray adding that the pressure he faced to succeed had taken away theirsoul and left himemotionally needy“.

Despite their split, the couple will remain married and continue to live in the same townhouse. They will also both pursue other romantic interests signaled in a tweet by de Blasio which read:Even at this moment of change, this is a love story.”

McCray has not yet discussed whether she will return to her previous relationships with women after separating from de Blasio. McCray had described homosexuality in her 1979 essay,I Am A Lesbian“, and said coming to terms with her sexuality feltlike something was terribly wrong with me“.

In recent years, the couple have attracted controversy over financial issues with de Blasio last month appealing a fine of nearly $475,000 after he misused his personal police detail during his failed 2020 presidential bid.

McCray was also mired in highdollar controversy in 2019 as she failed to explain where $850 million given to a mental health program she is involved with had gone. The polarizing split has drawn a range of reactions on social media, with some wishing the couple well while others have blasted their indulgence in avanity project“. In any case, de Blasio hopes his new hairdo will help him on his own romantic endeavors, having requested The New York Times include a picture of him in the gym to attract future dates.

McCray and de Blasio may be heading towards separate paths, but McCray whose children Chiara, 25, and Dante, 26, have been informed of their parents decision insists the pair will stillspend time together“.

There‘s a very deep bond between us,” she said. We‘ve been together for nearly 32 years serving shoulder to shoulder in City Hall and even before that.” It‘s unclear how thislove story will play out, but McCray hopes the couple will ultimately serve as an example of how couples can communicate about their needs andconduct themselves in the event of a split.

Only the future will tell whether this partnership ended on a sour note or whether the love between the two will keep them together metaphorically even in light of their separation.


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