Dem Rep Sticks Foot In Her Mouth & Gatez Gets The Last Laugh

Congressman Matt Gaetz (RFL) recently took to Twitter to call out Congresswoman Linda Sanchez (DCA) for hergotcha questioning of an FBI whistleblower at a House Weaponization Subcommittee hearing.

Sanchez, who was questioning FBI Staff Operations Specialist Marcus Allen, had a printout of a tweet in her hand that was retweeted by someone with the nameMarcus Allen and some numbers in their Twitter handle (@marcusa97050645), which allegedly claimed that thenHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi (DCA)staged January 6th, retweet if you agree.

However, when Sanchez asked Allen if that was his Twitter account, he repeatedly told her it wasnt. Instead of pressing further, Sanchez proceeded to ask Allen if he agreed with the sentiment of the tweet a move that Congressman Gaetz was quick to call out.

Taking to Twitter, Gaetz posted a screenshot of a random Twitter account with the nameLinda Sanchez and said that the CongresswomanMUST answer for the contents of the account, which expressed a high degree of support for former President Donald Trump.

Im calling out Congresswoman Linda Sanchez for her hypocrisy. She asked an FBI witness if he agreed with a tweet he didnt make, and then had the gall to ask him if he supported Donald Trump, Gaetz wrote in his tweet.

The tweet quickly went viral, garnering thousands of likes and retweets, and sparking a heated debate about the appropriateness of Sanchezs questioning during the hearing.

Meanwhile, many on Twitter have now begun to call for further accountability from the Congresswoman, with some even suggesting that she should be censured for her behavior.

At the end of the day, this incident with Congresswoman Sanchez has certainly highlighted the dangers of weaponization and politicization of the FBI. It has also put a spotlight on the need for greater accountability, especially when it comes to those in positions of power.


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