DeSantis Roasts Stage Storming Leftists — WATCH

As part of an event held in New Hampshire late last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis fired off a series of jokes targeting a pair of extreme-left activists that stormed his stage as he issued his speech to an entirely sold-out event — one that shattered an all-time record for fundraising when it comes to the Republican Party of the state.

The protesters were reportedly members of a far-left anti-Israel group named IfNotNow, expressed the group via social media posts later.

“Jews against DeSantis! Jews against DeSantis!” the protesters, both women, screamed as the venue’s security guards took control of the situation and removed them from the stage.

Throughout the ordeal, DeSantis remained cool, calm, and entirely collected as he fired of a series of jokes about the interruption, stating: “You gotta have a little spice in the speech, right?”

“Why would you want to pay for the ticket to get in just to do that?” he continued in his roast. “I don’t know, but different strokes for different folks.”

Chris Ager the NHGOP Chairman, explained to the NH Journal at the time that the event was a “record-breaking fundraiser for the state party.”

“Largest fundraiser in the history of the NHGOP, raising more than a quarter of a million dollars,” he exclaimed. “Ticket sales were halted earlier this week after we exceeded planned capacity.”

A report from Florida’s Voice explained that Ager announced at the time of the event that a staggering $382,000 have been successfully raised.

This news comes to light in the wake of a left-wing publication making the claim that DeSantis was having issues selling any tickets at all and that there was not any interest at all in the event he came up to host.

The NH Journal stated in its report that, according to a number of sources throughout both New Hampshire and elsewhere, “those stories were coming from allies of the Trump campaign, who’ve been working the press hard with stories of DeSantis’ alleged shortcomings on the campaign trail.”

Ager explained to the outlet that the primary goal had been to sell just 500 tickets and that the New Hampshire Republican Party found its goal surpassed in record time.

“And unlike some previous events where tickets were made available to some activist groups for free, these are $150 tickets — a financial boon for the historically cash-strapped state party organization,” concluded the group. “The 100 VIP tickets, at $500 a pop, are a sell out as well.”


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