Explosion At Ohio Metal Manufacturing Plant Sends Numerous People Rushing To Local Hospitals

A number of people were rushed to local hospitals this past Monday for extreme burns in the wake of a metal factory located in the Cleveland area of Ohio exploding into flame, spawning a massive plume of dark smoke from the building.

Local media outlets reported that local residents heard a massive “boom” at just about 2:00 p.m. from the area of the Schumann & Co. metal and paint plant located in the area of Oakwood Village, which is a known producer of copper alloys, in Bedford, Ohio. A large number of ambulances and first responders sprinted to the scene to assist in the rescuing of victims and the containment of the blaze.

One local affiliate for Fox officially confirmed with authorities that a large number of people were transported over to the MetroHealth Medical Center hospital.

Quite a few news helicopters could be seen flying over the scene and reportedly witnessed a large fire with massive plumes of smoke pouring out of the building, which firefighters reportedly have under control.

A large number of videos that have been posted across social media highlight a large amount of debris scattered around the scene and a large number of heavily fire-damaged cars and trucks scattered about.


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