Haley Issues Statement Following Debate

Following the recent presidential debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, Nikki Haley has issued a stark warning to her fellow Republicans. Haley, a former contender for the Republican nomination, took to social media platform X to share her thoughts on Biden’s performance.

“Mark my words Biden will not be the Democrat nominee,” she wrote. “Republicans, get your guard up!”

Her comments reflect the sentiment of many political observers and Democratic pundits who are speculating that Biden’s position as the Democratic nominee could be in jeopardy after what many are calling a disastrous debate performance.

Biden’s performance was marred by several issues. He struggled with his voice immediately after taking the stage, which his team later attributed to a cold. Throughout the 90-minute debate on CNN, he lost his train of thought and stumbled over his words multiple times. Even Vice President Kamala Harris admitted that Biden got off to a “slow start.”

David Axelrod, former Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama, commented on CNN that Biden’s performance was damaging from the outset. “I think there was a sense of shock actually how he came out at the beginning of the debate, how his voice sounded, he seemed a little disoriented,” Axelrod noted, hinting at potential discussions within the Democratic Party about Biden’s future as their candidate.

Kate Bedingfeld, a former White House communications director for Biden, also criticized his debate performance. “It was a really disappointing debate performance from Joe Biden,” she said. “I don’t think there is any other way to slice it.”

Despite the criticism, Biden defended his debate performance, claiming he did “well” and reaffirmed his commitment to the race. During a stop at a Waffle House in Atlanta, Biden told the press, “I think we did well.” When asked about calls for him to drop out, he responded, “No. It’s hard to debate a liar. The New York Times pointed out he lied 26 times.” He also admitted to being sick, saying, “I have a sore throat.”

Nikki Haley, who suspended her campaign for the Republican nomination in March, has been a vocal critic of Biden. There was speculation that she might be considered as Trump’s running mate, but this was dismissed by Donald Trump Jr., who stated that his father had already chosen a candidate. The potential Vice President pick for Trump has been narrowed down to three names: North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Senator J.D. Vance (R-Ohio), and Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

Haley has since stated that she plans to vote for Trump in November, despite the often harsh criticism she faced from him during the race. She emphasized her support by saying she would back Trump because President Joe Biden is a “catastrophe.”

This debate has undoubtedly shaken up the political landscape, with significant implications for both parties. Biden’s performance has sparked discussions about his viability as a candidate, while the Republicans are gearing up for a fierce battle ahead.


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