Insiders Reveal Fox News’ Plan to Take on Tucker Carlson

The news of Tucker Carlson‘s departure from Fox News has thrown the media world into a frenzy. While Fox News initially presented the separation as amicable, sources close to the network now claim the relationship between Carlson and some of the network‘s top execs is on theworst andmessiest possible terms,” according to a former onair Fox personality.

Now, Fox News and its communications department led by Irena Briganti have reportedly assembled adossier of information about Carlson in case the anchor attempts to attack the network in the wake of his departure. According to sources, the file includes internal complaints regarding workplace conduct, disparaging comments about management and colleagues, as well as allegations that Carlson created a toxic work environment.

Fox News has denied the existence of the file, but many sources within the network dispute the statement.

The Daily Beast reported in 2018 that Fox‘s communications brass have planted negative stories about some of their top stars, including Carlson. It is believed that Briganti may use these tactics to keep personnel in line, which is why her aggressive methods are widely known in the media.

Tucker Carlson has reportedly hired a highpowered entertainment lawyer to represent him following his Fox exit, which could be a sign of an impending battle between the anchor and the network.

It is still unclear what precisely triggered Carlson‘s departure from Fox News. He was a prominent figure in Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit against Fox News, which the network settled for $787.5 million earlier this month. In the runup to the trial, it was revealed that Carlson had bashed top brass in text chats with fellow network talent.

Whatever the cause of Carlson‘s departure may be, it is clear that Fox News executives are prepared to defend against any possible attack. As one current Fox News journalist put it,Irena is Fox‘s fighter. She is very good at her job. I gotta believe she‘s ready to fight Tucker if/when he takes this war publicly.”


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