Massive Canadian Financial Group Found Issuing Secret Donations To Concerning Cause

TD Bank, a large Canadian financial corporation, has been quietly making donations totaling up to almost half a million dollars for a program earlier this year that carries out so-called “gender-affirming” surgeries and other irreversible procedures on children.

As explained in a newsletter from May of 2022, the large financial group pushed $500,000 through Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations in order to fund “gender transitions” through the McMaster Pediatric Gender Diversity Program, which offers mental health and medical services for “trans and gender diverse youth” in Hamilton, Ontario at the McMaster Children’s Hospital.

“We are aware that adolescent physical and mental health remains a pressing issue,” expressed a community relations manager for TD, Sarah Colley. “That’s why we are so pleased to provide support to the McMaster Pediatric Gender Diversity Program through the TD Ready Commitment.”

Currently, laws do not set in place an age of consent requirement for gender reassignment surgery, as explained in a report from True North.

“There is no general age of consent to treatment or counseling,” stated the Canadian Mental Health Association. “Instead, the issue depends on whether the young person is capable of consenting.”

As part of an op-ed from True North, one transsexual man and mental health nurse, Aaron Kimberly, stated that heavy misinformation pushes transgender people into their transition.

“You would think that today’s gender revolution would make things easier on kids like me, who are now often identified as trans. In fact, I did transition when I was 33 and, though it did help me feel more congruent, that decision was largely based on misinformation,” explained Kimberly.

As explained via their website, this program “aims to provide medical and mental health services to trans and gender diverse youth as part of a comprehensive program that includes adolescent medicine” and endocrinology — a practice that all transgender people require in order to administer hormone treatments like testosterone injections and puberty blockers.

Some other services offered by the program include “complete medical referrals and legal referrals such as changing gender markers and a person’s legal name on identification.”

As one of the top ten largest banks across the United States, TD Bank set up the program back in 2016 when the overall demand for transitioning children had not reached what can be seen today. However, those in charge of the program stated that back in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic kicked off, it started to get three to four referrals a week.


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