‘Morning Joe’ Responds To Biden Press Conference

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” made an absurd attempt to convince viewers of a narrative about President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump’s mental acuity on Friday.

In discussing Biden’s press conference in Vietnam on Sunday — during which, Biden’s staff unexpectedly abruptly ended his news conference — host Mika Brzezinski noted Trump’s response on his personal social media handle, Truth Social.

“Donald Trump took to Truth Social to voice his frustration,” she said describing Trump had called a recent poll a “phony and probably rigged” survey, which asked voters about his “age and mentality.”

Joe Scarborough then offered viewers his own opinion stating, “I talked to a lot of people, over the past week or so. They don’t, they don’t, they’re not thrilled about either side. But it’s not like they’re going, Biden’s crazy and Trump is all there. It’s just kind of the opposite.”

Brzezinski then pulled Al Sharpton in, who also shared in the conversation. In the back and forth, Mika and Joe seemed to be selling the idea that Trump is the one who seems to have mental deficiencies and Biden’s qualifications are just fine.

But if you watch the video, they seemed to have no research or evidence backing their statements. The only “proof” Joe gave was his own random conversation he had with a “lot of people” which could come off as highly circumstantial.

Joe had nothing else to offer other than his own opinion of Biden’s trip to Vietnam, with Joe declaring that hele expected Biden to be tired and suggested that was why news of the event was blown out of proportion.

It’s clear that Joe and Mika were trying to paint a picture of Biden being mentally competent in comparison to Trump who supposedly shows signs of mental deficiencies.

The only problem – and it seems entirely obvious – is that Joe and Mika created this narrative out of thin air.

At one point, Joe said he could show a collection of clips to prove his point, but failed to provide any valid evidence to back up his claims.

So far, President Biden’s mental acuity or cognitive abilities have never been questioned. Rather, his physical wellbeing and stamina have been the cause of skepticism due to his age.

When you compare the absurdity of the MSNBC hosts’ narrative to actual facts and metrics, it becomes clear that “Morning Joe” grossly overstated its point. At the end of the day, it was a gross misuse of the air time they had.


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