Paul Ryan Reminds Us Why We Got Rid Of Him In The First Place

Republican leaders sound alarm about former President Donald Trumps potential presidential bid in 2024.

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan (RWI) spoke out Wednesday on CNBCsSquawk Box against the possibility of a Trump presidential candidacy in 2024, warning it would be adisaster anddangerous.

It is a disaster if we nominate Trump, Ryan said, pointing out that the GOP has not won an election with Trump on the ballot since 2016.I dont think hes fit, and I dont think he could win.

Ryans comments come one day after Republican Rep. Liz Cheney (RWY) said Trumps candidacy in 2024is something we have to take very seriously and stand against during a discussion at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

There can be a tendency for people on the Democratic side to say,Well, look, sure, the Republicans will nominee him. The Republicans are a mess, but well be able to beat him in a general, Cheney warned.That is playing with fire. Its a risk we cant take.

Trump has been fiercely critical of traditional Republican leaders from the moment of his election in 2016. But more recently, he has become a hero of the GOP base, and many believe a Trump candidacy in 2024 could wreak havoc on the party in the coming years.

Im a Never Again Trumper, Ryan said.So, obviously, the 33 percent base doesnt like a person like me.

However, the former House speaker is not alone in sounding the alarm about a Trump candidacy. Other Republicans have expressed similar sentiments, including Rep. Adam Kinzinger (RIL), who said hed rather see someonewe can actually elect from our party in 2024 and Rep. Fred Upton (RMI), who was initially skeptical but has since said he wouldabsolutely support Trumps renomination.

Trump, for his part, has kept speculation about a 2024 run alive, saying he will make a decision later this year and teasing the possibility at his recent speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

But for now, conventional wisdom in Republican circles is that a Trump candidacy in 2024 would be a huge gamble for the GOP. Whether that counsel is enough to quell the rumors and deflect a potential challenge remains to be seen.


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