Questions Raised Over Transcript After Biden Speech

President Joe Biden has come under fire on social media after declaring during a speech that his administration has “ended cancer as we know it”.

The outlandish statement, made during a speech at the White House about expanding access to mental health care, drew heavy criticism from online critics, who accused Biden of making an overly brazen claim.

“The dementia is so bad that now he thinks he cured cancer,” State Freedom Caucus Network Communication Director Greg Price wrote.

Conservative influencer Rogan O’Handley tweeted, “Biden just announced that he’s cured cancer. Yes, he seriously did. We are an international joke.”

During the 2020 campaign, Biden had promised to “cure cancer” and has since made it a priority of his administration. In 2016, he also headed the Obama administration’s ‘Cancer Moonshot’ program. Biden reignited the program in 2022 with a goal of cutting the death rate from cancer by at least 50% and hoped to one day make cancer treatable. But experts suggest his efforts might be misguided, and that a cure is still far off.

The Media Research Center tweeted, “Fact-Check: Biden has not cured cancer.”

Liz Willis, a former broadcaster who lost her mother to cancer in 2021, tweeted, “Idk my mom still seems pretty dead to me.”

In response to Biden’s comment, Josh Holmes, founding partner of Cavalry LLC and co-host of “The Ruthless Podcast”, pointed out, “According to the American Cancer Society there were 609,360 cancer deaths last year in the United States.”

The statement has drawn intense ridicule, with some questioning whether Biden is actually being briefed by his team. Omri Ceren, a national security adviser for Senator Ted Cruz, tweeted, “Who is briefing him and what are they telling him and why haven’t adults intervened?”

It remains to be seen whether the White House will address the comment, but critics have already mocked the President’s proclamation that he has “ended cancer”. Five Times August tweeted, “Biden in 2019: ‘Vote for me I’ll cure cancer’ Biden in 2020: nothing Biden in 2021: nothing Biden in 2022: nothing Biden on a random day in 2023: ‘We ended cancer!'”.

No matter the outcome of Biden’s intention to cure cancer, one thing is clear: the President’s remark has caused quite a stir among netizens, who are now awaiting clarification from the White House.


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