Report Gives Insight Into Hunter’s Art Sales

Hunter Biden’s art buyers are raising eyebrows as President Joe Biden is also linked to deals, raising possible ethics issues and conflict of interest concerns.

An investigation by Business Insider has revealed that at least three large art buyers have purchased works from Hunter Biden, one of which is Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali, a major donor to the Democrat Party and an appointee to the Biden administration’s Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad.

The other two buyers remain unnamed, but the publication reports that one single buyer bought 11 pieces of Hunter Biden’s art for $875,000.

The White House claims there is no connection between Hunter Biden’s art buyers and his appointments, and that Naftali’s appointment was recommended to Biden by former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi due to her involvement in Jewish causes.

However, controversy continues to surround the art market, as questions remain around the ethics and money laundering potential of the industry and whether these buyers are linked to Hunter Biden’s appointment. The art industry is known for its lack of regulation and record-keeping and is deviod of the Bank Secrecy Act requirements lavished on the financial sector and that are used to verify a customer’s identity and prevent money laundering.

Furthermore, Kevin Morris, Hunter Biden’s lawyer who helped him with the art market framework, also paid half of the unpaid IRS bill of $2 million.

It is thought that Hunter Biden has made an estimated five times more money on the sale of his art than the average American artist, despite the fact he is a novice painter.

The investigation comes after Hunter Biden’s controversial 2021 memoir sparked ethical debates over the influence of the Biden family.

The Biden administration may wish to address the ethical concerns that have been raised over these reported art sales by answering the following questions:

• How closely have the Biden administration and the White House been involved in these art deals?

• How much money has Hunter Biden made over the sale of his art?

• Who are the anonymous buyers of Hunter Biden’s art?

• Was Hunter Biden’s support voiced in relation to Naftali’s appointment?

• Are any money laundering laws being broken?

• Is it appropriate for Hunter Biden to be profiting from this art sale amidst questions of ethics and transparency?

As one of the country’s most prominent families, the Bidens must remain committed to upholding ethical standards. The Biden administration must respond to these questions and provide more information about Hunter Biden’s art sales to ensure transparency and accountability.


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