Sen. Ted Cruz Spotlights New Locations To Federal Investigators Of Biden Documents Scandal

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has recently pushed for the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI to look into the Senate records of President Joe Biden which have been stashed away within the University of Delaware in order to make sure they are clear of any classified documents.

Classified documents in connection with Biden were first discovered within his private office located at the Penn Biden Center, a think tank located out in Washington, D.C., back on the 2nd of November, just a single week prior to the 2022 midterm elections. After that, the legal team for Biden ended up locating even more classified documents at the private residence of Biden in Wilmington, Delaware, on three separate occasions: an unspecified number of documents were discovered locked in a garage on the 20th of December, one document found in Biden’s personal study on January 11, and another five more found in the study on January 12.

The FBI carried out an extensive 13-hour search of the Biden residence in Delaware on Friday where they found “six items consisting of documents with classification markings.”

Cruz stated while speaking on an episode of “The Verdict” that the next step was for a group of federal officials to carry out a search regarding the Senate records of Biden at the University of Delaware.

“Let me tell you what the next step in this scandal is going to be,” stated Cruz. “The next step in this scandal is going to be, okay, if Biden’s Senate documents include classified documents outside of classified settings — which is illegal — how many more classified documents are illegally in his Senate papers? And here’s where this matters in particular, which is the University of Delaware has more than 1850 boxes of records from Joe Biden’s Senate tenure which he gave to the University of Delaware.”

“Now the University of Delaware presumably does not have them in a SCIF,” he went on. “It does not have them in a secure location. During the 2020 campaign, there was a concerted media effort to try to get access to those documents in particular, there were allegations of sexual harassment raised against Joe Biden, and the media wanted to examine the documents on those allegations of sexual harassment. The University of Delaware has said, ‘Nope, they’re not releasing the documents to anybody until two years after Biden retires from public life.’”

Cruz concluded his interview by stating, “I am right now calling for the Department of Justice, for the FBI to examine all 1850 boxes of those Senate records to see how many additional classified documents are in those records. The answer should be none. But given Biden’s pattern, we should have zero reason have any confidence that there are not multiple classified documents within those 1850 boxes of Senate records.”


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