WashPo Tries To Explain Away Bud Light’s Demise, Doesn’t Go Well

Bud Light, the former number-one beer in the United States, is no longer on top after Modelo Especial took the title.

It comes as no surprise that Modelo Especial is challenging the reign of Bud Light. Modelo Especial has enjoyed steady growth in recent years and was anticipated to take the number-one spot in 2030.

However, the biggest threat to Bud Lights ranking appears to be a recent boycott in May. The boycott began after Bud Light partnered with transgender Dylan Mulvaney. Since then, sales of Bud Light have taken a severe hit and it is no longer Americas number one beer.

Dave Williams, a vice president of analytics and insights at Bump Williams, commented on the current state of the market.Were seeing a turnover in the market. Consumers might be moving away from Bud Light because expanding the customer base for US domestic beer is proving to be a struggle for brewers said Mr. Williams.

Mr. Williams also pointed out that while holidays such as Cinco de Mayo are likely to accelerate sales, Modelo still performs exceptionally well after the event.

The success of Modelo Especial comes at a time when consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their beverage and alcohol choices. The favorite beer of Mexican Americans has found a foothold in the US markets due to its strong brand identity, high quality, and affordable price point.

Not only is Modelo the number one favorite among Mexican Americans, but it is also proving to be a popular choice with a much wider audience. Modelo Especial is a local favorite and endorsed brands that represent the faith and values of a large demographic.

It is no wonder that Modelo would beat out Bud Light for the number one spot. With its unique flavor and strong brand identity, Modelo is clearly an attractive option to many US beer drinkers.

Ultimately, consumers are becoming more selective and changing their preferences when it comes to their beer of choice. While Bud Light will still be enjoyed by many, it appears that its reign at the top spot has been dethroned for the time being.


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