Whistleblowers Lawyers Just Called Hunters Bluff

The credibility of IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley has been called into question by attorneys representing Hunter Biden in the case involving allegations of tax malfeasance.

The bombshell disclosure of Shapley’s testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee regarding the mishandling of the investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs opened up a can of worms, with lawyers for the Bidens attempting to undermine Shapley’s credibility by portraying him as a biased individual.

Christopher Clark, one of Biden’s lawyers, released a statement in June 23rd attempting to wave away Hunter’s words and actions, claiming they were the product of a “horrible addiction” while casting aspersions on Shapley’s integrity. Then on June 30th, Attorney Abbe Lowell launched an attack on Ways and Means Committee Chair Jason Smith, as well as Shapley, suggesting that the whistleblower status was being sought to “evade one’s own misconduct” and claiming “the timing of the agents’ leaks and your subsequent decision to release their statements do not seem innocent.”

Now, Shapley’s attorneys have responded to the mudslinging, and they’re calling the Biden lawyers’ bluff. In a letter to Washington Post reporters Devlin Barrett and Perry Stein, they detail the chronology behind the October 6, 2022 report revealing the Federal agents’ belief that a chargeable case could be made against Hunter for tax and gun purchase violations, Shapley’s subsequent decision to become a whistleblower, and his sworn testimony before the committee in May.

The attorneys point out that Shapley was not a source for the article, and that he has never had contact with either reporter. They challenge the reporters to confirm Shapley’s denial was accurate and clear his name from the false and retaliatory charges issued by Biden’s attorneys.

The letter also points out that Hunters’ lawyers are attempting to pressure the Department of Justice — led by political appointees beholden to Joe Biden — into launching a retaliatory criminal inquiry against Shapley.

The letter closes by inviting the Post reporters to publicly affirm that Shapley was not their source, and to avoid becoming “an accomplice in the media spreading false narratives dreamed-up by Biden family attorneys to intimidate and silence lawful whistleblowers like SSA Shapley.”

The ongoing battle continues between Hunter Biden’s lawyers and IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley, as the former attempts to paint the latter as a biased individual attempting to evade accountability for his own lawyers. With the recent letter from Shapley’s attorneys, however, it remains to be seen whether or not the Biden camp will be successful in discrediting the whistleblower. Until then, the public remains in the dark about what’s really going on behind closed doors.


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