Whoopi Goldberg Speaks Out With ANOTHER Insane Stance About The First Amendment

Whoopi Goldberg made the claim as of this past Wednesday that the First Amendment of the constitution did not actually allow people to “willingly lie” — and argued that Fox News, in the wake of making public selections of never-before-seen footage from the January 6 riot, was just “recruiting domestic terrorists.”

Goldberg issued the comments as part of the Wednesday edition of “The View” — a midday talk show hosted by ABC — and she made the argument that it “should be against the law” for Tucker Carlson, a host for FOx News, to be able to get access to and the ability to make public clips of the footage that the biased January 6th Committee had attempted to hide by choosing to not show it to the American public.


“I have a question, I have a question,” clucked Goldberg, seemingly making reference to the recently-released footage from Tucker Carlson. “How come this is not thought of as being recruiting? How come they’re not thinking about this as … radicalizing — why is this not being scrutinized the way they scrutinize other things, because to me, this is — this should be against the law.”

“You should not be able to lie to the American [people] — knowingly,” the talk show host continued. “You know, it’s one thing if you made a mistake and you didn’t know, but we heard for five or six years how, you know, the media was a lying sack of doo, they were ‘fake news’ … so how come — what is our — what do we do as Americans to say this is not okay?”

Goldberg was quickly interrupted by one of her cohosts, Sara Haines, who pointed out the fact that people who chose to disagree with her had the right to do so because of the First Amendment — but Goldberg quickly dove back in to downplay the assertion.

“The First Amendment doesn’t allow you to willingly lie,” exclaimed Goldberg, making a claim that has volumes of case law suggesting how wrong it is in all but very specific cases.

Goldberg also claimed as part of Tuesday’s episode fo the show that Americans should just follow their eyes and ears when seeing the footage that has been released regarding the day the January 6th riot on Capitol Hill took place — and the footage that she claimed was edited, produced, and released by the January 6th Committee — but made the claim that the footage made public by Carlson should have its own different standard.



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