WNBA Viewership Numbers Released

Today, we’re diving into some striking new data about the WNBA’s viewership and the undeniable impact of one of its rising stars, Caitlin Clark. Angel Reese, a fellow WNBA player, has urged fans to recognize that the league’s recent surge in popularity isn’t solely due to Clark. However, the latest viewership numbers suggest otherwise, painting a clear picture of Clark’s monumental influence on the league.

Fox Sports’ Michael Mulvihill recently shared viewership statistics that highlight Caitlin Clark’s significant role in boosting the WNBA’s popularity. The numbers are compelling: Clark’s games are drawing more than double the viewership of other WNBA games and nearly quadrupling the viewership from the previous year, when she wasn’t in the league.

Clark’s matches, particularly her last two against Angel Reese, garnered 2.5 and 2.3 million viewers, respectively. While the rivalry with Reese certainly adds to the intrigue, Clark’s individual star power is evident across all her games. It’s clear that fans are tuning in primarily to watch her play.

This surge in viewership underscores why Clark has become a focal point for opponents. The intense focus on her isn’t primarily about race. At this level of professional basketball, players are accustomed to competing alongside and against individuals from diverse backgrounds. Instead, the heightened attention and sometimes aggressive targeting of Clark seem to stem from jealousy and envy of her rising fame and exceptional talent.

In a recent video, Angel Reese appears to be grappling with the reality of Clark’s impact. While she tries to convince herself and others that the league’s popularity isn’t just about Clark, her body language—head bobs and glances into space—suggests otherwise.

However, we don’t need to rely solely on body language to understand the situation. The viewership numbers are clear: Caitlin Clark is the driving force behind the WNBA’s rising popularity. Her games draw massive audiences, and her influence is helping to elevate the entire league.

This isn’t to downplay the talent and contributions of other players like Angel Reese. They also play crucial roles in the league’s success. But right now, it’s undeniable that Caitlin Clark is the main attraction, captivating fans and bringing unprecedented attention to the WNBA.


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