Americans Want Biden Out Of Office Reports New Poll

Well over two-thirds of the American people seem to think that Old Sleepy Joe does not deserve to sit another term in office.

The new CNN poll was conducted by SSRS over the course of this past March. The new numbers suggest that the improvement Biden lauded in the wake of Democrat’s over-performing expectations in the 2022 elections has started to backslide. The poll was almost entirely carried out prior to the news of former President Donald Trump’s indictment officially breaking at the end of last month, so the poll might not be a proper reflection of how Americans currently think which may have been altered because of it.

Biden’s approval rating dropped to 42% while sporting a disapproval rating of 57%. Back in January, those numbers were 45% and 55%, respectively. The difference still sits within the expected margin of error for the poll.

However, with Americans who think Biden does indeed need to serve a second term in office, he is much worse off. Less than a third, roughly 32%, of Americans stated that Biden needs a second term. This information stands next to the 67% of respondents who stated that he did not need a second term. Biden fared slightly better when it comes to registered voters, 36% of whom claimed that Biden should get another term to the 61% who were against that.

The vast majority of registered Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents stated that Biden should not be trying to make a bid for another term. That group responded with just about 44% in favor of Biden as the Democratic Party’s 2024 nominee and 54% saying someone else should have the chance to run.

When asked about who should run instead of Biden, most Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents (69%) were unable to give an answer past “just someone besides Joe Biden.” The top pick from those who actually specified someone else was Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders at just a middling 5%. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg ended up coming in second with just 4% and both Vice President Kamala Harris and former First Lady Michelle Obama battled it out for third at 3%.

Biden has not yet formally announced or filed the paperwork to start a reelection bid for 2024, though he is reportedly telling others behind closed doors that his anticipated announcement is just a question of when, not if.


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