Avenatti Gives Interview Comments On Bragg Case

Former attorney Michael Avenatti, who rose to prominence during the Trump years by pledging to bring down the former president, has resurfaced with a surprising critique of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump. In his first interview since his own downfall, Avenatti dismantled the case against Trump, leaving MSNBC’s Ari Melber visibly stunned. Avenatti, who was once a regular on cable news networks, was sentenced to more than four years in prison for fraud and stealing from Stormy Daniels’ book sales.

Avenatti began his interview with Melber by stating that he believed the case against Trump was the wrong case at the wrong time. He argued that the case, which revolves around conduct that occurred eight years ago, was “stale” and should have been brought forward in a timely manner. Avenatti also expressed his belief that the case, taking place in state court in New York, was a mistake and that the case should have instead been brought in federal court.

The former attorney went on to say that this case, which potentially threatens to deprive millions of Americans of their choice for the presidency, should not be based on the charges brought against Trump in this specific instance. He argued that despite personal feelings towards Trump, this particular case does not warrant the drastic consequences it could entail. Avenatti stated that he would have preferred Jack Smith’s January 6 indictment to have been filed in a more timely manner and that there was no reason why the case could not have been brought forward in 2021.

He further delved into his surprise at the case being brought forward in state court in New York, stating that this was the wrong jurisdiction for the case. Avenatti also criticized the charges brought against Trump, stating that it has “a lot of problems.” He cited the fact that the case revolved around an administrative payment error and was then upgraded to a felony charge, even though there is no specific conspiracy charge laid against Trump.

Avenatti did not hesitate to express his belief that Trump would be convicted in this case, as he is a criminal defendant and there is a societal bias against defendants in criminal cases. However, he went on to state that he does not feel that Trump can receive a fair trial in New York. He posed the question to those who believe Trump can get a fair trial in New York, asking whether they would feel the same if the trial was moved to Mississippi or Alabama. Avenatti argued that the answer would most likely be no, highlighting the perceived bias against Trump in the state of New York.

He concluded his interview by stating that despite his personal belief that Trump should be held accountable for his actions, he does not support this specific case. Avenatti argued that this case has the potential to bring down the credibility of the justice system, as it appears to be politically motivated. He also expressed concern about the impact of this case on the concept of a fair trial and the potential for the case to be overturned on appeal.

Avenatti’s surprising critique of the case against Trump has raised questions about the merits of the case and its potential impact on the justice system. As the case moves forward, many will be closely watching to see how Avenatti’s arguments will hold up in court. With his own downfall fresh in people’s minds, his words may carry weight and influence the outcome of this highly publicized case.


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