Biden Acknowledges Granddaughter

In a deeply cringe-worthy attempt to boost his publicly sinking poll numbers, President Joe Biden has finally acknowledged the existence of his seventh grandchild Navy Joan Roberts. But despite his attempts to turn the situation into a political favor, many critics are convinced the president is getting a pass for one of the most morally depraved acts in modern presidential history.

The granddaughter which Biden disgracefully refused to acknowledge for four long years, even going so far as having White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre deny her existence, was born to Hunter Biden’s former partner after a DNA test proved paternity. But instead of providing his direct support to the struggling mother immediately after the child’s birth, Biden allowed Hunter to take full control of the situation, eventually demanding that the Navy not even use the Biden name.

It wasn’t until July of 2023 that Joe Biden finally decided to acknowledge his seventh grandchild in a robotic statement to People Magazine. But now, a new report is shedding light on why Joe Biden withheld his support for so long, and it only makes the situation worse. Apparently, the president was waiting for the “green light” from Hunter Biden before he could finally meet her.

In recent weeks, President Joe Biden realized that his silence was no longer tenable — that it was time for him to recognize his 4-year-old granddaughter. But before he could do so, he wanted to take one final step: getting the “green light” from his son, which he received last week, one source said. And on Friday, Biden finally spoke out about his seventh grandchild whom, for years, he wouldn’t so much as acknowledge in public.

I’m just dismayed at the idea of Joe Biden looking to Hunter Biden for moral guidance over his granddaughter. Never in a million years, would I give such deference to a person like him, especially when it concerns an innocent child. It’s particularly revolting that he then tries to turn the situation into a “public relations” win by demanding privacy as if he’s done something heroic.

Could you imagine if any other high-profile Republican politician was caught in a similar situation? There would be a tsunami of bad press and claims that it is indicative of a wider moral degeneracy. But for Joe Biden, the mainstream media continues to offer him a free pass.

It’s not clear if Joe Biden will ever address his deeply offensive actions regarding his granddaughter. What is clear, however, is that Biden’s attempts at “public relations” have failed. It proves, yet again, that Biden should have known better in the first place.


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