Biden Comments On Prices During NC Speech

On Thursday, former Vice President Joe Biden attended a campaign event in Wilmington, North Carolina. Despite the best efforts of his team to hide his declining health, Biden once again showed signs of confusion and incoherence during his speech.

Throughout the event, Biden repeated several false claims about the economy, including taking credit for creating “15 million new jobs” and falsely accusing former President Donald Trump of giving tax cuts to the wealthy. These claims have been debunked by fact-checkers, but Biden continues to use them on the campaign trail.

During his speech, Biden also struggled to read from a teleprompter, mispronouncing words and stumbling over his words. He even seemed confused about a word he was supposed to spell out, possibly indicating that he didn’t understand its meaning.

One particularly baffling moment came when Biden mentioned a big-box retailer, Walmart, claiming that they had “opened a new store” and would be charging the “same exact price” for products as before the pandemic. However, this claim has no basis in reality, as Walmart has not opened any new stores recently and has not made any announcements about price changes.

This is not the first time that Biden has made false claims about Walmart, as he previously falsely accused the company of raising prices during the pandemic. In reality, like many retailers, Walmart has had to adjust its prices due to supply chain disruptions and increased demand.

Biden’s speech once again showcased his tendency to spread misinformation and make confusing and unfounded statements. It’s a cause for concern, as he continues to campaign for the highest office in the country.

Despite his team’s best efforts to shield him from difficult questions and keep him on a tightly-controlled script, Biden’s struggles with coherence and accuracy are becoming increasingly apparent. This raises questions about his ability to effectively govern if elected.

Many have pointed out that while his team can treat the symptoms of Biden’s cognitive decline, they cannot change the root cause: Joe Biden himself. As long as he remains the flawed candidate he is, his campaign will continue to face challenges in convincing voters of his capabilities.

One of the most concerning aspects of Biden’s performance is his tendency to make strange non-sequiturs, such as his repeated “Don’t jump” comments at the end of events. This, combined with his confusion and incoherence, raises concerns about his mental state and whether he is fit to lead the country.

As election day approaches, it is important for voters to carefully consider the abilities of each candidate. For Biden, his numerous gaffes and falsehoods, as well as his apparent struggles with coherence and mental acuity, should be taken into account when making a decision.

Despite the efforts of his team to downplay these issues, it is clear that Joe Biden’s mental fitness remains a major concern for many voters. Only time will tell if it will ultimately impact the outcome of the election.


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