Biden’s Classified Document Scandal Puts Him Directly In The Crosshairs Of Joe Rogan

Podcasting titan Joe Rogan recently chose to put his focus on Joe Biden across a number of broadcasts for his show last week in the wake of a report which revealed that a cache of classified papers had been found in both the Biden Penn Center and the president’s home in Delaware.

The severity of the situation has gotten bad enough that it has forced the hand of U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland who recently announced at a press conference this past week that he has officially appointed a special counsel to oversee the ongoing federal investigation which is dealing with the scandal.

While speaking in a segment of his show, Rogan spotlighted an article from the New York Post about just how tens of millions of dollars had been donated by the Chinese into the Biden think tank at which the first batch of highly classified documents was found.

“So the Chinese might be funding a think tank that has classified documents?” explained Rogan. “$54 million in Chinese gifts donated to UPenn, home of the Biden center. What the f***, man? $54 million in gifts. This just like, you know, yo-yos, and s***. Xboxes, beer koozies. What the f*** are they giving them?”

“What’s crazy is that the documents being there are the big story not that China gave them 50 plus million dollars,” stated Rogan. “That’s a big g*****n story. And that seems to be par for the course right?”

The podcasting titan claimed that the funding coming from China most likely influences the policies that the organization was highlighting. “So this Biden Penn think tank, what did they promote?” stated Rogan. “Like, what did they, let’s see if we can find out what $54 million from China gets you.”

As part of a segment, Rogan stated that he knew very little concerning politics but that if he were to take a guess, he thinks that “they’re trying to get rid of him [Biden].”

“My guess would be they’re trying to get rid of him, if all of a sudden his own aides are sending these, instead of like taking these classified documents which you have located and go, ‘Well, let’s not do that again’, and f***ing locking them up somewhere,” stated Rogan. “His own aides? That sounds sus[picious].”

“No one self reported that f***ing laptop,” Rogan concluded. “They got a hold of the social media companies and lied to them. They did whatever the f*** they could to keep that from happening. And even this, they discovered this before the midterms. They didn’t released the information until after the midterms.”



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