Chris Christie & Scaramucci together At Event

Last night, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Anthony Scaramucci, former White House communications director, shared an unexpected moment at an event for Scaramucci’s new book “From Wall Street To The White House And Back.” The two men have followed similar paths in their relationship with President Trump, starting off as allies only to become critics in the end.

Scaramucci, known for his brief tenure in the Trump Administration which lasted only 10 days, has since become a vocal critic of the President. In contrast, Christie, who served as Trump’s White House transition director, announced his own presidential bid last year and has also turned against Trump. Despite their past differences, the two have now become friends, as evidenced by Christie’s attendance at Scaramucci’s book debut.

During the event, Scaramucci was seen leaning in towards Christie, appearing to attempt a kiss on the cheek. However, Christie unexpectedly turned in and briefly kissed “the Mooch” on the lips. The incident has caused a stir on social media, with many questioning the nature of the relationship between the two men.

Other notable attendees at the event included ex-CNN host Chris Cuomo and a number of other Democrats. Scaramucci, who has found popularity among left-leaning media outlets since his break from the Trump Administration, has been utilizing these connections to promote his book.

The event has sparked further interest in Scaramucci’s book, with many wondering what insights he may offer into his short-lived time in the Trump Administration. Scaramucci, who has previously expressed regret for his support of Trump, has hinted at revealing behind-the-scenes details about his time in the White House and his relationship with the President.

Meanwhile, Christie’s presence at the event has raised eyebrows as he continues to distance himself from Trump and position himself as a moderate Republican. This move may be seen as an attempt to gain favor with the more left-leaning audience in attendance and distance himself from his past ties with the President.

The kiss between Christie and Scaramucci has also been seen as symbolic, representing the strange and unpredictable nature of politics and the ever-changing alliances among politicians. Some have even compared the moment to the infamous “bro-hug” between former President Obama and Governor Christie after Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Overall, the event has brought attention to the complex relationship between Trump and his former allies, with many noting the quick and dramatic change in dynamics. It also highlights the unique and often bizarre occurrences in the world of politics and how personal relationships can play a role in shaping political careers.

Scaramucci’s book, which has been described as a mix of memoir and political analysis, is expected to provide further insight into the inner workings of the Trump Administration and the personal experiences of those who were a part of it. With reviews still pending, it remains to be seen if the book will live up to the potential hype generated by last night’s event.

As for Christie and Scaramucci, their unlikely friendship continues to surprise and fascinate many, with some speculating on the true nature of their relationship and the motives behind their support for each other. Only time will tell if their shared experience of once being close to Trump will lead to further collaboration or if their paths will eventually diverge once again.


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