Deadly Cartel Shipment Captured By Feds In Michigan

Agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) were able to seize a staggeringly large shipment of fentanyl coming from Mexico earlier this week — just about 1,500 miles north of the chaos of the southern border.

Federal agents situated around the area of Detroit were able to lock down 20 kilograms, just about 40 total pounds, of the highly deadly drug as it was on the move and headed to Motor City coming from Grand Rapids, explained a report from The Detroit Free Press. The DEA explained that this fentanyl was created in Mexico prior to making its way out to Grand Rapids and subsequently being distributed out to Detroit.

“Drug cartels like CJNG and Sinaloa attempt to flood our communities with illicit drugs,” expressed Detroit’s DEA Chief Orville Greene in a statement issued Friday. “We will continue to work vigorously to identify other associates tied to the delivery of this fentanyl that would have caused untold suffering had it reached its intended destination.”

A shockingly low amount of Fentanyl, just 2 mg, can end up being deadly for the average person, which means that the captured 20 kilograms from Michigan would have accounted for enough deadly fentanyl to kill well over 10 million people, a statistic that is very close to the exact population of the Great Lakes State. After a tip coming from area investigators situated on the west side of the state, local authorities along with federal agents through the Metro Detroit area were able to arrest one woman from Ohio that was allegedly making the delivery for the massive smuggled shipment of drugs, which took its powdered form. Authorities were able to also capture a gun alongside the batch of fentanyl, as reported by the Free Press.

“Just because you’re not situated on the southern border doesn’t mean your community is not affected and doesn’t mean that people are not dying from it,” explained Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard.

This past month, more than enough fentanyl to kill 50 million people was captured by agents of the border patrol along the border of southern California. That shipment of Fentanyl also originated out of Mexico and was most likely either smuggled through the border stashed inside of a vehicle or on foot via drug mules.

Just recently, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador openly denied that fentanyl has been produced in his country at all, but as reported by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Mexican transnational criminal groups are “increasingly producing wholesale quantities of illicit fentanyl pills and smuggling them into the United States.” The DEA also stated that Meixco’s two largest cartel groups, the New Generation Jalisco and the Sinaloa, “are likely the primary trafficking groups responsible for smuggling fentanyl into the United States from Mexico.”


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