Debate Is Heating Up On TikTok

In a recent turn of events, a Biden-affiliated TikTok account’s attempt to highlight a controversy involving Donald Trump backfired spectacularly, as the post was swamped with comments about inflation and the rising cost of living. This development came just as Trump himself joined TikTok, quickly amassing millions of followers on the app he once sought to ban.

The BidenHQ TikTok account posted a video on Sunday night featuring an unidentified female influencer recounting allegations from a former producer of “The Apprentice” who claimed Trump used a racial slur during the filming of Season 1. The video aimed to paint Trump as a “lifelong racist,” referencing various incidents, including statements about the Central Park Five and Barack Obama. However, instead of focusing on the allegations, viewers flooded the comments section with concerns about more pressing issues like high rent, unaffordable groceries, and overall economic hardship.

Comments ranged from questions about the high cost of living—such as “Why is my rent expensive?” and “Why can’t I afford anything?”—to criticisms of Biden’s own controversial remarks. One commenter wrote, “I can’t afford eggs,” while another lamented, “I can’t wait to afford a house.”

The influencer in the video urged viewers to watch a new report about Trump, featuring a clip of Omarosa Manigault Newman suggesting that the alleged tape of Trump using a racial slur might be real. However, the focus on these claims failed to resonate, with many viewers expressing their dissatisfaction with the state of the economy instead.

The backlash was significant. The video received over 1.4 million views and 1,000 comments, many criticizing the Biden administration over inflation and cost-of-living issues. The End Wokeness account on X (formerly Twitter) mocked the attempt, saying, “HAHAHA this is epic. Biden’s campaign is desperately trying to win black voters on TikTok… it’s backfiring spectacularly.”

A spokesperson for Trump, Steven Chueng, dismissed the allegations as “completely fabricated and bull****,” noting that similar stories had been circulated and dismissed during the 2016 election.

Meanwhile, Trump’s foray into TikTok has been remarkably successful. He joined the platform on Saturday evening, posting a montage of his evening at a UFC fight in New Jersey. The video, showing Trump entering the arena, shaking hands, and taking selfies with fans, quickly went viral. Trump was introduced by UFC President Dana White and greeted the camera with, “It’s my honor,” while “American Bad Ass” by Kid Rock played in the background. The flashy 13-second video ended with Trump asking, “That was a good walk on, right?”

Trump’s TikTok account, launched with the caption “Launching my TikTok at UFC 302,” has already gained over four million followers, far surpassing the 334,000 followers of the Biden-Harris HQ account. This surge in followers comes despite Trump’s previous attempts to ban the app over national security concerns.

Interestingly, Trump’s introduction to TikTok came through his eldest son, Don Jr., who has also recently joined the platform and accumulated 345,000 followers. This move to engage younger voters on TikTok occurs against the backdrop of potential regulatory actions that might force the app to divest from its Chinese owner, ByteDance.

As the battle for influence on social media platforms intensifies, the contrasting strategies and receptions of Biden and Trump on TikTok underscore the complex dynamics of modern political campaigning and the shifting priorities of the electorate. With Trump’s burgeoning presence on the platform and the Biden campaign’s missteps, the digital campaign trail promises to be as contentious and unpredictable as ever.


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