Ex ESPN Vixen Takes No Prisoners, Outs Disney Owned Network

Charly Arnolt, the former ESPN broadcaster, is reveling in her newfound freedom at her new home at OutKick. At the Daily Mail‘s HQ in New York, the 35yearold told DailyMail.com some of her most outspoken thoughts on a variety of issues shaking up the sports world.

The controversial topic of trans debate has been in the spotlight over the last month, with WNBA player Brittney Griner weighing in. Griner was controversially rescued from a Russian penal colony by the Biden Administration in exchange for a Russian arms dealer,The Merchant of Death Victor Bout. Griner said she believed it was acrime to remove biological men from women‘s sports.

However, Charly Arnolt believes Griner isvery thankful to the Biden Administration and chided the WNBA player for criminalizing those with a dissenting opinion.I find it offensive as a woman when a man decides that just because they have decided to live their life and identify differently, that now they can enter into a space that belongs to women that they have fought so hard for and just completely obliterate the success and opportunities that they should have,” says Arnolt.

Arnolt questionably accused Lia Thomas, the most highprofile transgender athlete, of beingthe biggest bigot she had encountered in recent times. Thomas was a mediocre athlete when competing against her biological contemporaries, and after hormone therapy and identifying as female was soon crowned the NCAA champion in the women‘s 500meter event.

When it comes to Megan Rapinoe, the soccer star has been vocal about equal payment for the US Women‘s National Team, but isn‘t vocal when it comes to trans women encroaching on a space that belongs to biological women. Suddenly she‘s turning around after she retires from playing for the national team and says,Yeah, I totally believe that males should be able to play with women.”

Arnolt fears that American society is sleepwalking towards a scary future, urging others to speak up. But she personally feels as if she was unable to do so due to the constraints placed on her when she hosted for ESPN, where she says speaking out on certain topics could have caused her to face consequences.

I think there would be repercussions,” said the former ESPN broadcaster, before adding:I think if enough people stood up for what is right in for issues that need to be more publicly talked about, personally, I don‘t think there‘s much they could do because what happens when all of the big faces of the company start speaking up, they‘re not going to get rid of everybody.”

Charly Arnolt‘s refreshing new home at OutKick certainly allows her to speak her mind on a variety of issues the sports world is facing today, something her previous home at ESPN didn‘t permit. Her message is clear: those with dissenting views should fear speaking out.


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