Former NFL Quarterback Shoots Back At ESPN Over Recent Social Media Fiasco

Well-known for being a former quarterback in the NFL, Chris Simms exploded with anger at the mocking Instagram post from ESPN’s SportsCenter, snapping, “F*** you, SportsCenter.”

The whole ordeal kicked off in the wake of Simms making comparisons between injured Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts to other star quarterbacks, stating, “There’s just no way he’s more valuable to his team than Mahomes, Burrow, or Allen. Those teams are not the same teams if they don’t have them at quarterback. If you put Gardner Minshew (in for) the Eagles, they’d still be really damn good.” These statements seemingly sparked a response from the Sportscenter Instagram page in which they heavily mocked the comments from Simms after the Eagles subsequently stumbled with Minchew at quarterback.

“Jalen Hurts makes them better — I know that!” exclaimed Simms. “And like f***k you, SportsCenter Instagram for like putting it out there again for like the third time in like three weeks. Like f*** off. Like, really, f*** off, ESPN Sportscenter. Like seriously, they didn’t put my quote from after the Cowboys game, but they’re gonna wait till the game yesterday. That’s why I hate social media, and f*** you ESPN ‘SportsCenter’ one more time on the way out.”

“You wait till it’s relevant, you can slam someone —” interpolated Simms co-host.

“Do they not make content there anymore? I mean, stop jocking me, ESPN. Holy s***,” Simms went on.

Then he exclaimed, “Give me a piece of your check. Invite me on SportsCenter. Let’s have a f***ing conversation if you want to really get into this, SportsCenter. Invite me on, ESPN, you scared little babies. They’re scared. They don’t want any piece of me.”

As the founder of the House of Highlights Instagram account, ESPN elected to hire Omar Raja to bring more attention to and improve the company’s social media accounts, The New York Post stated.

“In his first year since joining ESPN in January 2020, the ‘SportsCenter’ Instagram account attracted record-high engagement with over 20 million followers (up +25% year-over-year), 1.76 billion total actions (+115%), and 373,000 actions per post (up +75%),” reads the ESPN bio for Raja. “The account also serves fans at the intersection of sports and culture, attracting the attention and praise from some of the biggest athletes and celebrities in sports and entertainment. Raja also plays a key role in ESPN’s TikTok content strategy, which has grown to over 14 million followers in just two years.”

Back on the 18th of December, Hurts injured his shoulder in a game the Eagles played in Chicago against the Chicago Bears.



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