Germany Points Finger For Attacks On Jewish Centers At Notorious Group From Iran

Officials working for German law enforcement have reportedly expressed their belief that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which has been marked by the U.S. as a terrorist group, is responsible for a recent series of strikes against Jewish Centers across Germany.

A report from Iran International explained that Iran carries out these operations by hiring criminals from outside of the country.

As stated in a report, police officials have kicked off a probe that will seek to investigate one terrorist cell located in North Rhine-Westphalia. At least one of the suspects is thought to have been formally radicalized a long time ago.

Officials with German intelligence think that IRGC is responsible for a number of the anti-Semitic strikes throughout the country, explained a report.

Examples of such attacks include arson at a synagogue, the shooting up of a synagogue, and various other attacks against Jewish places of worship.

“We’re talking about state terrorism here,” explained one investigator seemingly in reference to a German-Iranian suspect given the name Ramin Y.

“Ramin Y. is the founder of the Mönchengladbach branch of the rocker club Hells Angels and is wanted on an international arrest warrant for, among other things, a murder in the rocker milieu,” stated German TV Tagesschau in a report, as explained by the Jerusalem Post.

This suspect is “accused of throwing a Molotov cocktail at a school that is directly adjacent to the Bochum synagogue,” reads the translated report from Germany.

“He is also said to have tried to persuade another man to carry out an arson attack on the Dortmund synagogue,” stated the report. “According to Kontraste information, he is said to have threatened the man if he did not cooperate. However, this man revealed himself as a witness to the police.”

Over the course of the past few days, German legislators have made it a point to push to legally designate the IRGC as a terrorist organization in the country.

In the course of the past few months, Iran stoked international outrage in the wake of one Iranian man who reportedly just honked the horn of the car he was driving, seemingly in celebration of Iran’s loss to the United States in the recent World Cup,  wound up murdered by the security forces for the country’s despotic regime.

As reported by Iran International, sources have stated to the outlet that Mehran Samak was fatally shot in the head by officials with the security forces in the wake of his and his fiancée electing to honk their car’s horn due to the loss of Team Iran.


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