Ill Omen Strikes During Fetterman Rally And Sets Democrats Reeling

A campaign event for Democratic Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman did not end quite as planned this past weekend.

This past Saturday, while attending a rally alongside former President Barack Obama out in Oakland, Pennsylvania, an intense gust of wind managed to take down all of the American flags set up around the stage as soon as Fetterman started to speak. A copious number of social media users issued reactions to a clip of the incident, with most of those users seeing the ordeal as a horrible omen and a marked metaphor for Fetterman’s and Democrats’ prospects throughout the midterm elections this past Tuesday, or an overt sign from Heaven concerning the state of the nation if the Democrats remain in power.

The clip was originally posted by RNC Research that same evening. While Fetterman addressed the crowd from the podium, glancing down at his speech, a series of strong wind gusts can be heard blowing through. The wind managed to pick up a number of large American flags situated in the background, and one after another the flags started to fall down. “John Fetterman’s rally is off to a great start…” expressed RNC Research.

Users across social media immediately kicked off the mocking of Fetterman over the incident, interpreting it as an obvious metaphor for the man’s dropping polling numbers, Democrats in the upcoming midterms, and the state of the country with the Democratic party holding power.

“The perfect metaphor for Fetterman’s campaign,” exclaimed Donald Trump Jr.

“A perfect metaphor for Democrats’ control of Congress,” stated Ronna McDaniel, the Republican National Committee chairwoman.

“Democrat candidates going into Tuesday in a single shot. ????,” stated Buzz Patterson, a columnist in TownHall.

“Everyone was blown over by his charisma,” exclaimed Michael Berry, a radio host.

“After listening to @JohnFetterman it might make more sense to fly the American flag upside down,” exclaimed former Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

“What a visual for a sunken candidate,” stated Scott T. Parkinson, the Club for Growth Vice President of Government Affairs.

“God works in mysterious ways,” stated another user.

“…[I]t’s all falling down for democrats…” added on another.

“America if @JohnFetterman wins,” expressed another user.

Despite the incident that happened and whether or not it is a sign, Detterman’s drastic drop in poll numbers is a very tangible red flag about the state of his campaign. Fetterman was the in the lead for the most part throughout the spring and summer, but recently Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz has taken the lead in most major polls after the intense debate that took place on the 25th of October.


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