Kinney County Sheriff Involved In Arrest Of National Guardsman

In a surprising turn of events, a Texas National Guardsman has been arrested for allegedly smuggling an illegal immigrant across the southern border. The incident occurred on Sunday in Brackettville, Texas, and was captured on a Kinney County Sheriff’s Office dashcam footage. The soldier, identified as Savion Johnson, was charged with evading arrest, smuggling of persons, and unlawful carry of a weapon. The arrest comes after Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s office labeled him a “traitor and criminal” if the charges against him are true.

According to sources, the Texas National Guardsman was caught smuggling the migrant in a government vehicle. The individual being smuggled managed to escape from the car during the pursuit and is yet to be found. The Texas Department of Public Safety has confirmed that the incident is currently under investigation, and more details are expected to unfold in the coming days.

Governor Abbott, who has been vocal about his efforts to secure the border, expressed his disappointment over the incident. His press secretary, Andrew Mahaleris, issued a statement saying that if the allegations are proven, the accused is a “traitor and criminal.” He also added that there is zero tolerance for Texans who violate laws that directly contradict the mission of securing the border. Mahaleris went on to say that the accused could face a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 10 years.

The footage of Johnson’s arrest surfaced on the same day that the state of Texas faced the Department of Justice in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The state is currently embroiled in a legal battle with the Biden administration over its anti-illegal immigration law. The law, which was signed in December, empowers local police to arrest illegal immigrants. However, the Biden administration argues that the law is an obstacle to federal immigration enforcement and has blocked it via a lawsuit.

The oral arguments in court shed light on the surge of migrants crossing the border into the United States. The state of Texas argued that the current situation is unprecedented, with record numbers of migrants coming to the border from different countries. The Solicitor General, Aaron Nielson, pointed out that what was once a few hundred thousand migrants has now risen to millions, including unaccompanied minors.

The hearing comes after the U.S. Supreme Court temporarily allowed the Texas law to proceed, only to be blocked hours later by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The federal government maintains that the state’s efforts are hindering its ability to enforce immigration law and keep the border secure.

The recent incident involving a Texas National Guardsman has sparked concerns over the effectiveness of the state’s efforts in securing the border. Some argue that the incident highlights the difficulty in maintaining order and integrity along the southern border, while others are questioning the vetting process for soldiers deployed to the border.

The Texas National Guard has been actively involved in Operation Lone Star, a state-led initiative aimed at securing the border in the absence of strong federal support. The emergence of this incident has raised questions about the command structure and the training of National Guard soldiers deployed to the border. It remains to be seen how the state and the National Guard will handle this issue and ensure that such incidents do not happen in the future.


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