Luxury Terrorist Village Is Being Built As Reward From Palestinian Group

The Palestinian Authority is reportedly rewarding terrorists with the construction of a luxury village if they have targeted Jews in Israel.

Both the Arab Fund for Development in Africa alongside the Islamic Development Bank are working together to help fund the project, which will feature roughly 100 homes established near Ofra in the biblical area of Samaria, a place considered to be a section of Area B, which means that the Palestinian Authority (PA) has civilian control but the Israel Defense Forces maintain the security of the area. In order to make the cut to live in this new luxury village, the terrorists must have spent a total of five years living in Israeli prisons.

“The dream of every murderer of Israelis,” stated a reporter from Israel, spotlighting that the view from the area will be British Police Junction which played host to a horrific event in 2002 in which one Palestinian terrorist killed ten Jews.

Reportedly, the executive committee of the neighborhood includes Ablah Saadat, the wife of Ahmed Saadat — more well-known as the secretary general of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine — and the father of a Hamas terrorist, Naim Al-Sharif.

A report from Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) from 2022 stated that the PA spent at least $270.75 million in rewards given to terrorists in 2021. The outlet also reported that terrorists who had been released were offered a priority status when it comes to the group’s annual appointments to positions with PA, and terrorists who had been in prison for 1-5 years were given unemployment benefits for the same amount of time as their sentence, and any released terrorists who had dealt with 5-10 years in prison were be issued a fixed monthly salary.

Palestinian terrorist attacks targeting Jews and other people within Jerusalem have proliferated in the wake of the installation of the new tough, Right-wing government in Israel. Back on the 27th of January, a total of seven Jews, which included a young boy of 14 years old, were murdered by one Palestinian terrorist directly after they departed from Shabbat services at a synagogue. Counted as part of the dead were the newly married, Natali and Eli Mizrahi. Natali was reportedly doing CPR on one of the victims when she ended up being shot to death.


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