Manchin’s Trip To NH Is Getting Some Attention

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is making a daring political move with his recent itinerary having Fox News wondering what the Democratic Party’s strategy is a year away from the 2024 Presidential Election.

Manchin is set to headline an event with No Labels next week in Manchester, New Hampshire. He and fellow former Republican Governor of Utah Jon Huntsman will lead the town hall which is being seen as a clear message to the Democratic Party that Manchin is pushing back hard against their attempts to keep him in line.

No Labels is an organization that seeks to promote centrist bi-partisan policies, and they’ve been trying to recruit Manchin to run as a third-party candidate in the 2024 election. This has caused Democratic leaders to panic, fearing that a third-party option will draw votes away from the official Democratic nominee and turn the tide for President Donald Trump.

Manchin, who has previously been an honorary co-chair of the organization, is seen as a game changer due to his high name recognition and status with West Virginia voters. He is well-liked in the state due to his broad support from both parties, and he was once seen as a potential nominee for the President in 2024.

However, that all changed in April of this year when he provided the deciding vote for the Inflation Reduction Act. Democrats, including President Biden, were not pleased with the decision and have been trying to keep his loyalties since then.

Undeterred by the Democratic Party’s attempts to keep him in line, Manchin now appears to be positioning himself to challenge the two-party system and have an impact on the 2024 election. It’s unclear how far his ambitions will go, but his upcoming appearance in New Hampshire signals he may be serious about making a serious run for the White House.

Whether his plans pan out or not, Manchin is proving that he isn’t afraid to stand up to his own party and challenge the status quo.2020 could be the year he makes his mark in history with an underdog third-party campaign.


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