New York City Mayor Attacks Gov. Abbott Over Recent Statements

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has come under fire from New York City Mayor Eric Adams for his decision to resume sending migrants to cities led by Black mayors.

On Monday, Abbott announced the program to send migrants to cities including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, and Washington, D.C. Adams quickly condemned the decision, stating that it wasmorally bankrupt andimpossible to ignore that Abbott was targeting cities run by Black mayors.

Last year, Abbott bused migrants to New York against their will, reportedly had security guards hold them hostage on buses when they tried to get off in other cities, shipped them off while sick and COVID positive, and tagged individuals with barcodes, Adams said in a tweet.

Adams also noted that the crisis is too much for one city to handle and called on the federal government to provide resources and support. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot sent a letter to Abbott echoing Adams sentiment, and stating that Chicago hasno more shelters, spaces, or resources to address another flood of migrants.

Meanwhile, Abbott has defended the decision, saying,We are working to provide a humane and secure process for migrants, while also preventing cities from becoming a magnet for illegal immigration. He has argued that the program is necessary to protect the borders of Texas, and that the migrants will be provided with essential services.

Abbotts decision has sparked criticism from other officials as well. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he wasdeeply disturbed by the news, and that the state would do all it could to oppose Abbotts program. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer also criticized the decision, calling itunAmerican.

The decision has been widely condemned by advocates for migrant rights, who say that it is immoral and unethical to force migrants to travel to cities where they may not have family or friends to help them. They also argue that the decision will put an unfair burden on cities that are already struggling due to the pandemic.

The issue of immigration is likely to remain a hot button issue in the months and years ahead. Abbotts decision has reignited a debate about the rights of migrants and the role of the federal government in enforcing immigration laws. It is clear that the issue is far from resolved, and the debate is likely to continue for some time.


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