Noem Cancels Interview With Gutfeld

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem found herself in hot water on Tuesday night after canceling an appearance on Fox News’ “The Five” to promote her new memoir, “No Going Back.” The move sparked a backlash from host Greg Gutfeld, who relentlessly went after the Republican governor for canceling at the last minute.

The governor had high hopes that her book would boost her chances of becoming former President Donald Trump’s running mate for the 2024 election. However, the book has been marred by controversy, with Noem admitting to shooting her dog and making dubious claims about meeting North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

As a result, Noem has faced a string of disastrous interviews, including appearances on “Face the Nation” and “CBS This Morning,” as well as Fox Business and Newsmax. This has damaged her reputation and her chances of being chosen as a vice presidential candidate.

The governor’s sudden cancellation of her book tour also left several media outlets disappointed. CNN’s Dana Bash, host of “Inside Politics,” publicly expressed her disappointment, stating that Noem had “abruptly” canceled her scheduled appearance on the show. Bash also added that the governor would be welcome on the show anytime.

But Gutfeld, known for his sharp wit and no-nonsense approach, was less forgiving. In place of Noem, he had his co-host Dana Perino stand in and pretend to be the governor. Gutfeld proceeded to mock Noem, asking if she had actually written the book herself.

Perino, pretending to be Noem, responded by saying that it was a “great question for someone who wrote the book.” She also refused to dignify Gutfeld’s question and claimed that there were more important issues to discuss, like animal cruelty.

Gutfeld then asked Perino if she had read the book before it was published. The co-host, still pretending to be Noem, joked that she had only read a few sentences out loud and did not know if that meant she had read the entire book. She also made light of the controversy surrounding her shooting her dog by saying that she had killed her other dog that morning, whom she called “Ghost Writer.”

Noem’s cancelation and subsequent mocking by Gutfeld have only added to the controversy surrounding her book. The governor’s spokesperson, Ian Fury, defended her decision to cut her book tour short, stating that she had sold a lot of books and needed to return to South Dakota to prepare for potential bad weather.

The governor’s actions have also raised questions about her ability to handle criticism and tough interviews. Her decision to cancel on media outlets, including Fox News, has led some to question her commitment to transparency and accountability. Additionally, Noem’s attempts to promote her book as a way to boost her political career have backfired, with the controversy only hurting her chances of being chosen as a vice presidential candidate.

Noem has yet to comment on the backlash she received from Gutfeld, Perino, and other media outlets. However, her actions have raised concerns about her ability to handle tough interviews and her suitability for higher political office. The controversy surrounding her shooting her dog and claiming to have met Kim Jong Un may also have a lasting impact on her reputation and political career.

For now, it remains to be seen if Noem’s book will continue to be a topic of controversy or if it will eventually fade into obscurity. But one thing is for sure, her cancelation on Fox News’ “The Five” and the subsequent mocking from Gutfeld and Perino have only added fuel to the fire. As the governor faces tough questions and criticism, it remains to be seen how she will handle the situation and whether she will be able to recover from the damage done to her reputation.


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