North Carolina Senate Race Finally Reports Its Victor!

The North Carolina Senate race finally put forth a result in which Republican Representative Ted Budd beat out Democratic candidate Cheri Beasley for the seat this past Tuesday.

The race was officially called by Deciosn Desk HQ late Tuesday evening at roughly 11:24 p.m. EST.

The seat being battled over was previously held by Republican Senator Richard Burr who has officially retired.

This particular race was a fairly close battle, but Budd managed to pull out a win in the scrap. This past Election Day, the average polling from FiveThirtyEight placed Budd ahead roughly 4.3 points with 49.5% ahead of his lead opponent Beasley at 45.2%. Despite the outcome, Beasley held the lead for most of the evening before the gap was closed and surpassed near the end of counting.

While issuing his acceptance speech, Budd claimed, “I want to make the Old North State that much better again.”

Budd’s campaign manager, Jonathan Felts, claimed earlier that same day, “I think people are responding well to Ted Budd’s message of helping get America back to work again, helping to get the economy up and running again,” going further to add, “We’ve been in recession now thanks to (President) Joe Biden and we have to get folks to work.”

Budd discussed the current economy with Fox News recently just before swathes of voters made their way out to the polls.

“The problem is Joe Biden and his policies over the last two years have choked down supply,” stated Budd. “You’ve got to stop what Milton Friedman used to say is too much money chasing too few goods which inevitably leads to inflation.”

“We’ve got to deal with the goods. We’ve got to deal with American energy and getting back to energy independence again. We’ve got to get back to rolling back regulations which have stopped housing projects, and stopped building apartments, it’s made it hard on small businesses trying to meet the demand of the consumers out there,” he went on.

“We don’t even have enough truck drivers to get groceries to the grocery store nor enough diesel to get it there. So these are all self-inflicted problems by Joe Biden. So what we have to do in the next few years is press the brakes on his agenda and get this country back on the right track,” he continued.

“Everything that Joe Biden has done and Cheri Beasley, my opponent in this Senate race, would do, makes it harder on those in North Carolina and in our country,” Budd stated.

“Let’s stop all this excess money, starting back in April  2021 when Joe Biden pumped trillions more dollars into the economy,” stated the politician, claiming that Congress should be able to push forward with these types of choices.

“Joe Biden’s ideology, the Democrats’ ideology doesn’t allow them to solve this problem,” he exclaimed in conclusion.



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