Now Detransitioned Former Navy SEAL Takes Hard Stance On The Whole Trans Movement

A now retired U.S. Navy SEAL that gained fame roughly ten years ago for coming out as transgender stated to Fox News in a Monday evening interview that the entire transgender movement has morphed into a highly toxic and dangerous ideology that has been targeting America’s youth.

Chris Beck, who became known as Kristin Beck and has since transitioned back to his original name, served on SEAL teams for well over two decades, in operations throughout Iraq and Afghanistan, and was issued 29 medals for his service.

“Well, transgender originally started out as pretty basic and very rare,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson heard from Beck. “And now it’s kind of morphed into an ideology. And that’s what I’m kind of speaking out about.” He highlighted that the transgender ideology is being forced through schools and argued that a number of young people are having surgeries due to it being “an affirmation.”

“Once a teenager walks into an office, even if the parents are saying, ‘no’, that doctor can override that. And that’s a problem,” he went on. He argued politics needs to be entirely removed from the situation and that all doctors should be talking about conditions such as gender dysphoria once again.

“I don’t want this to be political. And I don’t want transgender people to be harmed. But if you’re doing this to kids, that’s wrong,” continued Beck.

Beck highlighted the story about the young daughter of one of his buddies, also a Navy SEAL. She had been a tomboy who underwent a double mastectomy at the young age of 16, explained Beck. “Now this person is 20, I think, and who knows what’s gonna happen, but they also start doing them on hormone blockers … it sterilizes these kids,” he exclaimed.

The primetime media does “hide the fact that I even exist. They also say that I hate transgender people,” he stated, pointing out that he still has quite a few friends that are transgender and that he cares about them. Beck made the claim that he wanted everyone, including doctors, to slow down and “see what they’re doing.”

Beck stated to Tucker, “I don’t want to talk to you” and that he definitely did not want to be near Fox News but he did not feel like he had been offered a choice because of what was going on in the world.

“We have to be here. Because nobody is standing up for these kids,” he stated. Beck claimed that a number of kids were being indoctrinated into the transgender ideology, “and that is wrong.”



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