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Let’s talk about the growing discontent among Americans regarding the current direction of the United States under Democratic leadership. It’s not just President Joe Biden facing historically low ratings, but other left-wing politicians are also feeling the chill from voters.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s approval rating is sinking faster than the Titanic, with many residents fleeing the state for more Republican-friendly regions. According to a recent Siena College survey, Hochul’s approval rating has plummeted to just 44 percent, a record low. The main reasons cited for this dissatisfaction are her perceived carelessness for people and her failure to provide decisive leadership.

Fifty percent of respondents disapprove of how the Democratic governor has performed at her job, with her favorability rating at a low 38-49 percent, favorable to unfavorable.

Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg pointed out a clear partisan divide: Democrats believe Hochul cares about people like them, works hard, and is a decisive leader, while Republicans and independents strongly disagree.

With an election on the horizon, Hochul recently decided to scrap the controversial congestion pricing toll plan in New York City, possibly in a last-ditch effort to win back voters. Despite this move and her push for a social media bill, voters still give her the lowest favorability and job approval ratings she’s had in nearly three years as governor.

The discontent isn’t limited to Hochul. The poll also found New Yorkers are unhappy with Biden’s job performance. Forty-two percent of respondents view Biden unfavorably, showing a narrow gap between the 81-year-old president and former President Donald Trump’s favorability among voters in the state.

While Biden maintains the support of three-quarters of Democrats, Trump has backing from 85% of Republicans and leads Biden 45%-28% among independents. A gender gap has re-emerged, with men supporting Trump 46%-42% and women favoring Biden 51%-33%. White voters are evenly divided, while Biden holds a commanding lead among non-white voters, although Trump garners support from 29% of Black and 26% of Latino voters.

Despite Biden leading Trump among New York voters (47-39 percent), the president’s lead is slim, reflecting a significant shift even in traditionally Democratic strongholds.

This growing frustration and shifting support underscore the complex political landscape heading into the next election cycle. With voter sentiments continually evolving, it will be crucial to watch how these dynamics influence upcoming elections and policy decisions. Stay tuned, folks, as we navigate these turbulent political waters together!


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