NYPD Releases Video From Columbia University

On Tuesday, the New York City Police Department released a video capturing the presence and actions of a professional “protest consultant” at the ongoing anti-Israel protests at Columbia University.

The consultant, identified as 63-year-old Lisa Fithian, has a history of participating in various forms of protest for causes such as climate change and Occupy Wall Street. Fithian was seen on other social media videos instructing a mob of anti-Israel agitators as they took over Hamilton Hall at Columbia University overnight Monday.

During a press conference Tuesday evening, New York City Mayor Eric Adams addressed the issue of outside agitators at the protests. He stated that the protests, which were meant to be peaceful, had been “co-opted” by professional outside actors. Adams and members of his administration shared information about these individuals and their intent to create “serious public safety issues” at the protests.

It was revealed that these outside actors have been known to the NYPD for years and are skilled in escalating situations and causing chaos. Their presence at Columbia University, in violation of the school’s policy, was to serve their own agenda and create division rather than promote peace and unity. The mayor urged anyone involved with these actors to walk away from the protests immediately.

According to police, these outside agitators have been seen using more aggressive tactics, such as barricades made of furniture, destruction of property and cameras, de-arresting tactics, and fortifying signs with shields. While these tactics were exposed during the protests at Columbia University, police expect them to continue at other universities in New York City and across the country.

During the press conference, a video was shown featuring Lisa Fithian observing a group of protesters chanting anti-Israel slogans. She can be heard saying, “We’re trying to document them being a-holes,” and agreeing with the person behind the camera. Fithian was also seen instructing the mob as they took over an academic building at Columbia University.

Investigative journalist Laura Ingraham shared more details about Fithian and her involvement in training the new generation of activists on her show “The Ingraham Angle.” According to her guest, Ira Stoll, Fithian and others involved in the protests are being paid by organizations such as the Soros Open Society Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Stoll also mentioned that many of the same individuals involved in anti-Israel protests have also participated in Black Lives Matter and anti-Trump protests.

Fithian’s involvement in these protests highlights the organized and well-funded nature of the demonstrations. Protesters are being paid thousands of dollars to participate, which allows them to make protesting their main activity until their goals are achieved. These protests have brought together a diverse group of individuals who are united in their cause, using similar tactics to disrupt and create chaos.

Despite these revelations, the ongoing anti-Israel protests at Columbia University show no signs of stopping. The school has taken measures to ensure the safety of students and faculty, but it is clear that outside agitators are intent on causing disruption and division. The situation at Columbia University serves as a warning to other universities and cities that similar protests may be infiltrated by outside actors with their own agendas. For now, the protests continue, and the role of professional “protest consultants” remains a concerning and complicated aspect of these demonstrations.


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