Oklahoma Gov. Takes Strong Action Against State’s PBS Station

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has pulled the plug on the states sole PBS television station, citingindoctrination and oversexualization of children through content that promotes drag queens and the LGBTQ agenda.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, the Republican leader said the station, OETATV, had strayed from its educational mission and that taxpayers should not have to fund it given its farLeft bias. He recently moved to block funding for the station through 2026 unless the state legislature overrides his veto.

OETA, to us, is an outdated system. You know, the big, big question is why are we spending taxpayer dollars to prop up or compete with the private sector and run television stations? Stitt said.And then when you go through all of the programming thats happening and the indoctrination and oversexualization of our children, its just really problematic, and it doesnt line up with Oklahoma values.

Stitts office pointed to a segment ofLets Learn, which featured a drag queen known as Lil Miss Hot Mess reading a purported childrens book calledThe Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish. Another show aired by the station,Clifford The Big Red Dog, features lesbian parents, a show calledWork It Out Wombat features a gay character, andOdd Squad depicted a samesex wedding. Stitt noted OETA recently aired a segment on itsNewshour program that voiced support for chemical treatments including puberty blockers for children who identify as transgender.

OETAsPride Month programming included a special about a town in which Christiansstep into the spotlight to dismantle stereotypes about drag queens.

Democrats in the red state, including State Rep. Monroe Nichols, accused Stitt of mounting an attack onpublic education and underrepresented Oklahoma communities. OETA board member Ken Busby told KTUL taxpayers must support arts and culture.

However, Stitt argued that if the stations programming was worthwhile, the private sector would make it available.

When you think about educating kids, lets teach them to read and their numbers and counting and letters and those kind of things, he said.I mean, some of the programming that were seeing it just doesnt need to be on public television.

Stitt recently signed into law a ban on all chemical and surgical transgender procedures on children, joining 15 states which have enacted similar laws.

In light of Governor Stitts decisions, the fate of OETATV is uncertain. The stations supporters remain adamant that taxpayers should fund the channel, while Stitt maintains that the station‘s programming is too far removed from what is appropriate for children and does not fit with Oklahoma values. It is up to the state legislature to decide whether or not the station will continue to receive funding.


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