Plan Of Would-Be Arsonists In California Backfires In Spectacular Fashion

A group of arsonists attempted to set fire to a small business out in California this week but did not accomplish much before setting fire to themselves instead.

As seen on surveillance video footage gathered from the business itself, a group of masked vandals showered the front of Servicio de Imigracion, a tax and immigration service in Bakersfield, with a large amount of gasoline and attempted to light it on fire. Suddenly, the flames erupted while the pair of vagrants were still standing next to the building, both could be seen sprinting away from the inferno screaming wildly. Officials with local police forces have stated that they are still investigating the incident.

As seen in the video captured by surveillance video cameras outside the business, two people sporting dark clothes and bandanas wrapped around their faces strode up to the front door of the business in question, carrying cans of gasoline. A floodlight kicks on due to the motion of the pair, but they just move away from it. The pair of vandals then head back to the front of the building before dumping the cans of gas all over the door and facade of the building. At this point, one of the arsonists attempts to light the puddles of gasoline, which immediately bursts into flame in their faces, which catches both vandals by extreme surprise.

One of the pair attempts to scramble away from the large flames attempting to ignite his right leg, while the second attempts to run away just before slipping and falling onto the sidewalk. He attempts to scramble up before quickly falling back down. The flames proceeded to catch on the right arm of his hoodie. He started to scream loudly as he sprints around with his sleeve burning. A second camera highlights that the flames also managed to catch on the second man’s shirt tail and spread up his back as well.

Local news outlet ABC 23 were told by area firefighters that they were successful in putting out the fire within just under 10 minutes of showing up at the scene. The damage to the building was easily contained to the garage, they explained.

Max Solorzano, the owner of Servicio de Imigracion, stated to the outlet that he was very disappointed in the officials of Bakersfield for not doing anywhere near enough to keep the city safe. “They have to work harder in that aspect, in keeping the community safe,” he stated in an interview. “We are a small business and we help many people, so there will be people who will not be able to receive our services due to inactivity. That is what most saddens me. We help many farmworker families with their immigration processes, we help people do taxes. We ask our clients to have patience with us, we will get through this.”


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