Protestors Arrive At Hillary Clinton Event At College

Wellesley College, known for its prestigious alumni and focus on female empowerment, welcomed back one of its own on Saturday. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the campus to receive the honor of having a college building named after her.

However, her return was marred by a group of student protesters who lined up to voice their disapproval. The protesters, who are believed to be Wellesley students, distributed pamphlets around campus denouncing Clinton as the “most beloved war criminal” and accusing her of having “blood on her hands.”

The protests were targeted towards a women-led democracy summit that was being held on campus and featured Clinton as one of the speakers. Reports suggest that the students intended to disrupt the event and their actions were met with mixed reactions.

While some applauded their efforts to challenge the status quo, others criticized them for disrespecting a former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. The school administration also acknowledged the protest but refrained from condemning it, citing the students’ right to free speech.

This is not the first time that Clinton has faced such backlash during her visits to American universities. In February, she faced similar protests during an appearance at Columbia University, where students labeled her a “war criminal.”

Despite these challenges, Clinton has remained vocal and active in the political arena, leading to a mixed response from the public. During her appearance on the “Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon earlier this week, she didn’t hold back her thoughts on the upcoming U.S. election and the limited choices that American voters have.

When asked what she would say to voters who are “upset” with only two presidential candidates, Clinton responded with a blunt, “Get over yourself.” She went on to explain that one candidate, Joe Biden, is “old, and effective, and compassionate,” while the other, former President Donald Trump, has “been charged with 91 felonies.”

She expressed her confusion about why this is even a hard choice for voters and urged them to consider the stakes at hand. Clinton emphasized that the upcoming election is an “existential question” that will determine the kind of country and democracy that Americans will have.

Despite her straightforward remarks, Clinton also addressed the need for people to pay attention and stay informed. She warned against dismissing the actions and intentions of Trump, his allies, and his enablers. According to Clinton, they have been clear about what they want for the country. With the 2020 U.S. presidential election only months away, Clinton’s statements highlight the importance of remaining vigilant and participating in the democratic process.

As Clinton’s alma mater, Wellesley College has been a source of pride for the former First Lady throughout her career. Her visit this past weekend was a reminder of her roots and a chance for current students to engage with one of the most prominent figures in their school’s history. However, the protests that occurred serve as a reminder that even the most revered individuals are not immune to scrutiny and criticism.

Regardless, Clinton’s presence and remarks undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the students and attendees of the democracy summit.


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