Social Media Influencer Faces Backlash After Post

Adrielle Sigler, a single mom influencer with millions of views on TikTok, is facing backlash for requesting donations from her followers after revealing she spent $17,000 in a single month. Sigler, 33, who lives in Jamestown, New York, created a GoFundMe campaign on May 2 to raise $30,000 to cover moving expenses following an alleged attack on her son. She also started a separate fundraiser for her son’s braces.

Critics are questioning Sigler’s reliance on public generosity after she posted a video detailing her significant monthly expenditures. In the video, Sigler explained, “This month I spent close to $17,000. I’m a single stay-at-home mom of three, so I’m financially responsible for three little humans.”

She outlined her spending, including nearly $5,000 for car repairs, $1,600 on summer clothes for her children, $3,000 on groceries, $800 on DoorDash and dining out, and various other expenses such as utilities, internet, phone bills, subscriptions, allowances, and Amazon purchases.

Sigler defended her spending, saying, “You don’t have to put them in sports but you should if you want your kids to be happy. I’m generous. I’m super generous. I invest all of my time into making a living through social media. And in return, that goes back to my kids. I wouldn’t be a good parent if I just let my kids live in the bare minimum.”

Despite her defense, viewers have criticized her for asking for donations while seemingly living lavishly. They pointed out that her social media presence likely generates significant income, making her multiple fundraiser pages appear unnecessary.

The GoFundMe campaign was launched after Sigler’s son was allegedly attacked in an after-school fight. She stated that her son was beaten and robbed by a group of students who threatened further violence if he reported the incident. “Our lives have become at risk living in Jamestown, New York. We have to move as soon as possible,” the GoFundMe page reads.

Sigler claimed to have filed a police report, and the involved students were suspended. However, she also posted a video showing school officials explaining that her son was suspended for five days for allegedly agreeing to participate in the fight, a claim Sigler and her son deny.

Jamestown police have charged seven individuals involved in the assault at Allen Park, near the school, according to WNY News Now.

Critics have been vocal about Sigler’s fundraising efforts, particularly given her reported spending habits. In a recent TikTok, Sigler claimed to have secured a new home and paid the lease in advance. She also mentioned being on vacation while waiting for the current tenants to move out, with footage showing her in what appears to be a hotel. Additionally, she posted on Facebook about giving away multiple household items instead of selling them.

“The audacity to create a $30,000 GoFundMe when she posted a video talking about how she spent $17,000,” one TikToker commented. Others accused her of misusing the money she solicits and exploiting her son’s fight for financial gain.


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