Swalwell Response To GOP Investigation

As the evidence of President Joe Biden’s involvement with his son Hunter’s shady foreign business deals mounts, Eric Swalwell, the Democratic Representative from California, has amplified a new line of defense.

During a recent appearance on MSNBC, Swalwell accused House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of attempting to impeach Biden in order to distract from the consequences of his policies.

“They don’t even know who they want to impeach. This Congress started with threats of impeaching Secretary Mayorkas, that was FBI director Christopher Wray, then Merrick Garland. Now Joe Biden. By the way… one day he’s Sleepy Joe, the next day he’s corrupt Joe. I know people who are sleepy, I know people who are corrupt, I don’t know anybody who is both,” Swalwell said.

The Democrats’ criticism of Republicans is based on the growing evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement in his son Hunter’s activities. Whistleblowers from the IRS and the former business partner of Biden’s son, Devon Archer, have provided damning uncoverings of illicit actions.

Moreover, there is an apparent difference between the demeanor of Biden in 2020 when he ran for president to the present. While the Republicans claim Biden has issues with his health today, these activities took place back in the 2010s, leading many to ponder why these details are only emerging now.

Despite this, Swalwell maintains that these impeachment talks from the Republicans are not only a cry for relevance, but also a short-sighted view, given the more pressing problems facing the Biden administration.

“These guys just know that they are reflectively anti anything Biden is doing. Whether it’s for the economy, whether it’s for global security over Ukraine and so it shows, in a clownish way, that they are behaving. This would be funny and entertaining if there wasn’t so much at stake for the people that we’ll represent,” Swalwell added.

Joe Biden has been a subject of controversy for some time, but as the evidence continues to mount, so do the questions. GOP representatives must make a decision soon on how to address the implications of Biden’s acts and weigh how best to proceed amidst the changing circumstances. Until then, this discussed impeachment inquiry remains nobody’s priority.


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