Texas AG Impeaches Ken Paxton

The Texas House of Representatives has officially voted to impeach state Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican. The vote marks a historic occasion for the state as Paxton is only the third officeholder to be impeached in the states almost 200year history.

The Attorney General, who had vocally opposed the impeachment, responded on Friday before the vote took place, calling it anugly spectacle and anillegal, unethical, and profoundly unjust attack.

According to the Associated Press, the impeachment vote was primarily carried out by a Republicandominated house. Following the vote, Paxton was suspended from his position until further notice. The issue will now move on the states Senate for deliberation and decision.

It is worth noting that Paxtons ousting was primarily based on a Texas House Committee on General Investigating report, which outlined 20 articles of impeachment against the Attorney General over years of alleged abuse of power, bribery, and other accusations.

Regarding the accusations, Paxton has come out to speak against them, denying the claims and refused to resign from his post.

Texans expect better of their elected officials and rightly so, but unfortunately, I am the victim of a coordinated political attack by powerhungry enemies, he said in a statement prior to the vote.As I have done since taking the office, I will continue to focus on my official duties and serving the people of Texas.

Though Paxton has come out in strong opposition to the vote, the decision stands and now the fate of the Attorney General will be decided in the Senate. But regardless of the ruling, some Texas lawmakers still insist that the move was a political hit job.

In a fiery speech on the Texas House floor ahead of the vote, State Rep. Matt Shaheen said:This process is not about good government. This is about power. This vote is about taking corruption and shaming out with full force and using the Texas House of Representatives as a weapon for political gain.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has yet to comment on the situation. The only statement released from the Governors office until now has been that he is closely monitoring the issue. It is now up to the Senate to decide what comes next.


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