Tucker Just Struck Gold With Huge Deal

Tucker Carlson, former Fox News star, has been building his media presence since April, when he was unfortunately and abruptly fired from the Fox Network. Now, Carlson is set to make a major return to the airwaves with a new advertisement deal with PublicSq, an online conservative marketplace.

The contract includes commercials that are set to air on Carlson’s Twitter show, which launched in July. The agreement is expected to result in a revenue stream that could surpass a total of one million dollars. It may not quite measure up to the $77.5 million dollars Carlson made in ad revenues in the last year at Fox News, but it is still a major step in Carlson’s return to the public’s eye.

PublicSq was founded in April, just a few weeks after the sudden departure of Carlson from Fox News. It is focused on finding products that conservatives need, including apparel, housewares, and books. PublicSq CEO Stan Curfman stated that they were “thrilled to partner with Carlson’s new venture and to bring the conservative consumer the best he or she wants to buy.”

The decision to partner with PublicSq comes shortly after Carlson spoke on the potential to monetize his brand in a statement made on July 6th. Carlson said “People have always had an interest in what I can provide and it’s both the knowledge and the entertainment that I bring. I’m thrilled to be able to monetize and make a living this way. It’s a new adventure for me.”

Many are optimistic about the new venture and are eager to watch how it develops. Sam Maraffin, a political media consultant, said in a statement “It’s coming at a time when one-time Fox News stars, and even former President Donald Trump himself, are seeing ways to make money from their followings outside of traditional media roles.”

It is clear that Carlson has always been an exemplary communicator, bringing insight and entertainment to the masses, and this new adventure is no different. We look forward to seeing what comes next with Carlson’s new venture.


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