Violent Attack Inside Tunnel Leads To Criminal Charges Against Michigan State Football Players

The Michigan football player that was allegedly violently assaulted by a group of players from Michigan State in the wake of a game between the two teams hosted at the Big House in Ann Arbor this past weekend is officially filing a series of criminal charges against the group responsible for the attack.

An announcement from officials for the Michigan State Spartans explained that the team had officially suspended a group of its players for the alleged extremely violent attack against Gemon Green, the starting defensive back for Michigan, which took place in the middle of a tunnel within Michigan’s stadium in the wake of the game in which Michigan dominated Michigan State 29-7.

The players officially suspended from the team included Tank Brown, Khary Crump, Angelo Grose, Zion Young, Malcolm Jones, Justin White, Jacoby Windmon, and Brandon Wright.

One video of the incident seemed to spotlight a player for Michigan State using his helmet as a weapon in order to strike Green on his head and neck area. Another video seemed to show other players from Michigan State allegedly hitting, pushing, and throwing around another player for Michigan wearing the #1, who seemed to have been defensive back Ja’Den McBurrows.

As the legal representation for Green, attorney Tom Mars stated, “When college football players brutally attack a member of the opposing team with their helmets, resulting in the player suffering a concussion and other injuries, an apology won’t suffice.”

“There has to be severe consequences for this kind of misconduct. Not only does Gemon Green deserve to be compensated for his injuries. Severe consequences in this case will deter others who might think they can get away with brutally beating an opposing player and only get a slap on the wrist,” Mars went on. “I’ve got news for the MSU players who did this to Gemon. They are going to feel the full wrath of the law.”

Jim Harbaugh, the head football coach for Michigan, claimed that there was currently an active criminal investigation regarding the matter.

“What happened in the tunnel was egregious,” stated Harbaugh. “Sickening to watch the videos, the ones that are on social media right now, and also the ABC tunnel cam that’s at a higher elevation that shows much more of what took place. As I said, those are sickening to watch.”

“There needs to be accountability. There needs to be a full, thorough, timely investigation. I can’t imagine this will not result in criminal charges. The videos are bad, and it’s clear what transpired. It seems very open-and-shut. As they say, watch the tape,” he concluded. “An apology will not get the job done in this instance. There should be serious consequences for the many individuals who are culpable.”


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