White House Responds To Claim In Video

Joe Biden had a noteworthy weekend on the campaign fundraising circuit, managing to pull in $28 million at an event in Los Angeles.

This impressive haul was significantly bolstered by the presence of former President Barack Obama, who lent a hand to the current president’s fundraising efforts. However, the most talked-about moment from the event wasn’t about anything either man said. Instead, it was the closing moment where Obama appeared to guide Biden off stage, holding his hand, that caught everyone’s attention.

This incident adds to the growing list of awkward moments that have raised questions about Biden’s mental acuity. During the recent G7 Summit, Biden’s performance was criticized despite positive spins from the media and the Democratic Party.

While official narratives praised his interactions with European allies, many saw a different picture—one of a president seemingly out of touch. Clips of Biden wandering off and staring into space circulated widely, and attempts to dismiss these clips as “cheap fakes” by MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough failed to convince many, especially given the European press’s critical observations.

In this latest instance, however, some commentators, including Fox News’ Brit Hume, have suggested that the viral clip might not be a clear indicator of Biden’s mental decline. Hume noted on Twitter that while he believes Biden is “senile and decrepit,” the incident at the fundraiser might have been misinterpreted.

According to Hume, Biden had been applauding moments before and seemed to be absorbing the applause when Obama reached out and grabbed his wrist. Hume speculated that Biden’s staff might be frustrated with Obama for creating the impression that Biden needed assistance.

“Biden is senile and decrepit but not sure Obama needed to lead him away,” Hume tweeted. “Biden had been applauding moments earlier and then stood there absorbing the applause for a bit when Obama reached out and grabbed his wrist. I bet White House staff is annoyed with Obama.”

This event, whether a minor misstep or another instance of Biden’s alleged mental lapses, adds to the scrutiny he faces. As the summer progresses, similar moments are likely to continue cropping up, keeping the debate over Biden’s fitness for office in the spotlight.

The president’s supporters and detractors alike will undoubtedly seize upon these moments to bolster their respective narratives as the campaign season heats up.


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